Basalte Solidifies Partnership with Smato Technologies

Basalte, the Belgian brand renowned for its innovative, sleek and stylish home automation solutions, has announced a renewed collaboration with Smato Technologies, a specialist distributor for automation, integration, and smart devices for homes and offices in India.

Basalte’s range of smart switches, thermostats, and other home and office automation solutions are designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of modern spaces.

This partnership brings together two industry leaders to offer a range of innovative and stylish solutions to customers in the Indian markets. Koen Dekyvere, Export Manager, Basalte, said, “We’re very excited to announce that Basalte is reinforcing the collaboration with Smato Technologies as our distributor in India. This is an important and necessary step to support the ambitious growth of Basalte with clear principles for the Indian market.”

Shreyans Chowdhary, Director and CEO, Smato Technologies, added, “The collaboration is expected to drive growth and success for both the companies as we work together to deliver the latest technology and best-in-class customer service to our customers.”

The renewed collaboration is intended to assure retail partners of Basalte solutions in India that this decision has been taken with their interests in mind and to ensure that the partnership between Smato and Basalte will help to fuel the demand for Basalte range of solutions.

Dekyvere added, “We firmly believe that Smato is perfectly positioned to provide extended support and help resolve many of the issues currently faced in the Indian market. Their assistance will allow us to offer seamless and quick RMA solutions, maintain price parity, facilitate project registrations, provide access to on-field sales and marketing resources to establish brand presence and product awareness, facilitate quick access to stock availability, offer educational webinars, support in installation and servicing, and much more that can be valuable to our partners.”

Basalte’s offerings are now available to customers and retail partners in India through its exclusive distribution partner, Smato Technologies.

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