What Makes M&K Loudspeaker Best for Home Cinema !

What Makes M&K Loudspeaker Best for Home Cinema

The M&K journey began in 1973, when Walter Becker of Steely Dan commissioned M&K Sound to design a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for the Pretzel Logic LP mixing sessions. The result was the world’s first balanced dual-drive subwoofer and Pretzel Logic went on to become a million-selling Top Ten hit and one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

While other manufacturers were building coffin-sized boxes, M&K led the way into the future with the world’s first satellite/subwoofer system, David & Goliath in 1976. The following year, M&K Sound introduced the Volkswoofer, the world’s first subwoofer with a built-in, dedicated power amplifier.

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M&K Sound has been highly respected by the audio press, the film and music industry, as well as home consumers looking for the best loudspeakers for music and home theatre for over four decades.

A Who’s Who of the professional audio world – film, music, mastering and broadcast studios– continue to entrust their livelihood to M&K Sound reference monitors and powered subwoofers.

Lucasfilm THX, Disney Studios and Pictures, Warner Brothers, SONY Pictures, Colombia Tristar, Universal Studios and Pictures, Dolby Laboratories, DTS Sound, Paramount Studios and Pictures, 20th Century Fox, HBO and the list keeps going on.

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M&K Sound loudspeakers have been chosen for the development and demonstration of the ground-breaking Dolby Digital cinema and home surround format, for the first public demonstration of the high-resolution Blu-ray disc format, for sound production on Star Wars Episodes I-III and countless other award-winning music, film and TV productions.


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For more than three decades, Miller & Kreisel has been the standard bearer in speakers for music and motion picture sound in the studio and in the home. Because our emphasis has always been exclusively on accurate reproduction that maintains the full integrity of the original recorded signal, M&K has developed a fiercely loyal following both among professional users and music and cinema enthusiasts.


It is evident that a lot of attention was paid to the design and componenet selection of this product and this effort shows the systems ability to deliver smooth response with high output and very low distortion”

                                                                                    THX Ltd, Peter Vasay, general manager. 

“This is the story of a speaker company that helped shape home theater (and even music recording) into what it is today.”


“Big things sometime comes in small packaged or perhaps it´s just that real pros know exactly how to push the boundaries”

Fidelity 2020

“Miller & Kreisel has hit the jackpot with the new edition of the 750 series, which has been significantly improved in sound quality. The compact 5.1 speaker set delivers first-class Hollywood sound in private home theaters “

       Heimkino, Dipl.-Ing.  Michael Voigt 2021

There are many more reviews can be found on https://mksound.com/reviews/

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“A slice of Hollywood for your home”

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