CJC Systems – Intelligent Touch Switch “Lucia”

CJC Systems – intelligent touch switch “Lucia”

“We gave a new meaning to an everyday object”

CJC Systems nowadays has a well known reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of high-end design switches.  The company, located in Belgium, was established with a clear and obvious vision from the beginning.  Architects and design lovers were no longer satisfied with an object or space that was pure functional” said CEO Stefaan Jaecques.  “You want a concept that is breathtaking in which -each detail, no matter how small it is-  makes the overall concept so much stronger.  The dream to produce a compact and functional product with a great design in the light business was born.  “We gave an every day object a new meaning and this has been drawing all the attention from design professionals to fashion admirers allover Europe” according to Jaecques.  We speak 1994.

Birth of Lucia

Today CJC Systems is still in full research to develop new designs in order to keep it fun to switch on/off  their switches.  New technologies have made their entry.  The most recent newcomer in the CJC-range is the Lucia switch.  For the first time ever, the manufacturer has been using touch technology in a unique switch with special attention being paid to the typical design.

Lucia led lines

The most special part of the Lucia switch is the horizontal RGB led the line on the surface.  The name of the switch refers to Lux (Latin) or Luce (Italian).  There are a few combinations; with one, two, or four led lines.  These led lines are very sensitive to the human touch and one single swipe is all that it takes to switch on/off the lights or dimming.  We all know the swipe movement from our smartphones and tablets.  The Lucia switch can process many different commands and many different programmations can be inserted.

The Lucia switch recognizes : a short touch and a longer touch, a double touch and a swipe movement.  The Lucia led lines show the position where the led can be touched in order to put a command.  You can use these led lines also as orientation led in the dark.  “

The switch is the first thing you see” responded Jaecques.  Lucia is available in 14 standard colours.  All RAL-finishes are available on request.  The switch can be used with an impulse relay (24V) or with home automation systems.  There is also a special KNX-version available.

On top, CJC Systems has another 6 collections to offer with push buttons that are applicable with impulse relays and home automation systems.  Every low voltage collection is also available in a direct compatible KNX-version.

CJC System’s keypad are distributed in India by Technovo Distribution Private Limited.

Contact : [email protected]  | 9833436269

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