Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024: Setting New Records in Innovation

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, the world’s premier audiovisual and systems integration exhibition, shattered records and cemented its status as “Your Destination for Innovation.” This milestone edition, held at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue, marked the most successful event in its illustrious 20-year history.

With 73,891 unique verified attendees from 162 countries, ISE 2024 saw a remarkable surge of 27 percent compared to the previous year, setting a new benchmark since its inception in Geneva in 2004. Notably, the show witnessed 51,617 visitors in a single day, a staggering 22% increase from the previous record. The total number of registrations soared to 95,396, with 127,627 visits over the course of four days, including a record-breaking Friday attendance of 24,528. 

Exhibitors reported unparalleled footfall, showcasing their innovations across the largest ever ISE show floor space of 82,000 square meters net. The exhibition featured a record-high 1,408 exhibitors, demonstrating the robust growth and dynamism of the pro-AV and systems integration community.

ISE 2024 epitomized the innovation and collaboration within the industry, with exhibitors from around the globe presenting cutting-edge solutions. From advanced display technologies to immersive audio systems, smart automation, and collaborative communication tools, the diverse array of products and services reflected the industry’s commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing user experiences.

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, remarked, “ISE 2024 not only showcases the cutting-edge technologies defining our industry but also serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and camaraderie within our community. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to being a global platform for industry professionals, fostering innovation, and driving growth.”

The educational component of ISE 2024 was exceptional, featuring conference sessions, workshops, and keynote presentations from industry luminaries. Attendees gained valuable insights into emerging trends, market dynamics, and technological breakthroughs, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence in AV to sustainable design and the future of remote collaboration.

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: The celebration of ISE’s 20th anniversary added a special dimension to the event, with commemorative events, retrospective installations, and acknowledgments of industry pioneers. These activities not only evoked nostalgia but also underscored the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of technological evolution.

ISE 2024 stands as a testament to the industry’s unwavering spirit of innovation, collaboration, and growth. With record-breaking attendance, unprecedented exhibitor engagement, and exceptional educational content, the event reaffirmed its position as the premier platform for the global AV and systems integration community. As the industry continues to evolve, ISE remains at the forefront, driving progress and shaping the future of audiovisual technology.

Innovative Solutions on Display

The Expo featured a diverse array of residential and smart building technologies, ranging from smart lighting and heating tools to fully networked solutions. Major vendors such as Control4, Crestron, Savant, and Gira showcased their offerings, including apps, touchscreens, voice control solutions, and intelligent systems for networked digital building control. Notable highlights included Samsung’s The Wall microLED display and The Frame, along with products from renowned brands like Sony and LG.

Latest Audio Solutions 

Audio took center stage at this year’s ISE, with manufacturers showcasing their latest innovations in halls 2 and 7. Highlights included McIntosh’s powerful subwoofers and Sonos’s affordable yet high-quality ceiling speakers. Trinnov’s Pressurisation update to Waveforming generated significant buzz, aiming to maximize subwoofer performance for an immersive sound experience. CEDIA/CTA’s RP22 Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice set new standards, with integrators and manufacturers embracing the idea of distinct performance levels. Innovative screen solutions also made waves, from C Seed’s unfolding N1 TV to Screen Excellence’s retractable acoustically transparent screens. Surprisingly, many commercial brands are now targeting the residential sector, offering high-quality products like Barco’s home cinema projectors and K-Array’s compact yet powerful speakers. Meanwhile, trusted brands like Torus Power and Kordz continue to provide reliable solutions for powering home theaters, emphasizing durability and performance.

In the Audio Segment Industry leaders such as Bang & Olufsen, Focal, Revolution Acoustics, Basalt and Stealth Acoustics presented high-end listening experiences at the Expo. Additionally, Harman Luxury showcased advanced signal processors, equalizers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers, catering to rooms of any size.

 A significant focus was placed on solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and enhancing sustainability. Companies like Airzone, Zykronix, and Lutron exhibited technologies geared towards achieving these goals. Lutron, in particular, showcased energy-saving smart lighting controls and automated blinds for both commercial and residential applications.

The Expo highlighted the importance of connectivity and in-house security in the smart home sector. Discussions covered topics such as video doorbells, smart sensors, cybersecurity measures, and the need for interoperability to create a seamless user experience.

The Convergence of Professional and Residential AV: A notable trend observed at ISE 2024 was the convergence of professional and residential AV solutions. Brands like Crestron, Netgear, Lutron, Yamaha, LG, Sony, Basalte, Sonance, Faradite and Samsung demonstrated their versatility in catering to both residential and commercial environments, emphasizing the synergies between the two sectors.

Attendees gained insights into the future of smart building solutions, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. The event explored how these technologies are driving innovation and sophistication across various industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, and commercial real estate.

The Role of CEDIA: CEDIA’s Smart Home Technology Conference offered a wealth of education and training sessions, with a key focus on immersive audio design. The organization’s new RP22 recommended practice document set industry standards for home audio systems, poised to revolutionize the industry.

The Residential & Smart Building Zone offered diverse range of solutions from leading brands such as KNX, Basalte, Rako, RTI, Snap One, Focal, Harman Luxury, Sonance, and Trinnov Audio. Crestron, showcased a variety of control devices and unified communications systems, further emphasizing the integration of residential and commercial technologies.

The Expo’s Audio Zone and Lighting & Staging Zone provided a platform for cutting-edge audio and lighting solutions catering to various vertical markets. Companies like Robe, Elation Professional, ARRI, Cameo, MA Lighting, and AVA LED Screen showcased innovative products and technologies, underscoring the evolving landscape of audiovisual integration.

Casto Cañavate, Marketing Manager at KNX Association, addressed the critical issues of data security and integrity within the smart home industry. He elucidated on the methodology of constructing secure IoT systems through KNX IoT, the latest expansion of KNX technology. KNX IoT provides an interoperable and secure environment, meticulously crafted to ensure the highest level of security. Notably, KNX IoT devices are engineered with embedded security measures by design.

The ISE 2024 not only unveiled the latest innovations but also fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange, and anticipation for the future of smart building and residential technologies.

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