MECOOL Releases Innovative 4-Function Smart Home Device – the MECOOL Homeplus

The device combines a Google Assistant enabled smart speaker, 4K Android TV box, and DVB-C/T/T2 options.

MECOOL is pleased to announce the launch of its game-changing 4-function, all-in-one smart home device – the MECOOL Homeplus.

Since 2015, MECOOL has been a brand specializing in developing smart home tech devices based on the Android TV system. Currently, more than 50% of the company’s employees are R&D personnel, with a complete independent R&D system and profound technical accumulation and accumulation, providing users with a variety of Google-certified streaming media players, TV video calling products, and voice assistant home control center products. Products by the company are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, and are measured and praised by top technology media, such as 9to5google, Digital Trending, TechRadar, and more.


In the company’s latest news, MECOOL recently launched its most exciting product to date, the MECOOL Homeplus, after the successful release of its Android TV video calling device last year, MECOOL Now KA1. The MECOOL Homeplus is an innovative smart home device that combines four smart home functions in one product: 4K ATV streaming, DVB (Digital Television), Google Assistant Smart Speaker, and Aiot Voice Assistant (Far-field supported). This product requires a tremendous amount of high tech to develop, both in software and hardware strength.

“With the MECOOL Homeplus, users will get the most efficient and productive smart home device for just one low fee of $136.95 with Code: HOMEPLUS,” says a spokesperson for the company. “It truly is the leading product in hands-free entertainment.”

The MECOOL Homeplus boasts a massive array of benefits and features to consumers, including:

● Far-Field Voice: Two built-in Linear microphone arrays that support Far-Field voice, to enhance user’s speech, creating a fixed filter for all words and false commands.
Includes Google ART certification.
● Hands-Free TV Control: Support 4K TV play by asking device to turn on the TV and
switch to a particular channel, movie VOD /play via Far-Field voice, to make watching TV more convenient.
● Beyond a Smart Speaker: By working with the TV, users can get answers with voice plus visual to enable, such as watching news.
● 24/7 Google Assistant: When the TV screen turns off, it becomes a 24/7 AI Assistant, which can always listen for queries and requests, such as play music, weather, etc.
● Housekeeper (smart home controller): Control smart home devices through Far-Field
voice, e.g., dim lights, compatible with Google Home
● Privacy Protected: Privacy protection design, including mute button for microphone.
● Turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV and get richer apps through it
● Top streaming apps on-demand, enjoy TV shows and movies with YouTube, Disney+, Prime video, and more

● Sea of game apps to play on the TV
● Chromecast built-in which mirrors everything
● Optional built-in DVB-C/T/T2.
● Connect the mobile phone via Bluetooth to play music
● Supports Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G 2T2R and Bluetooth 5.0

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