Portronics Unveils Power Plus Mini UPS for Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Connectivity

Portronics, India’s beloved gadgets brand, proudly announces the launch of Power Plus, a compact and reliable mini UPS designed specifically for Wi-Fi routers. Addressing the frequent challenges of load shedding and voltage fluctuations, Power Plus ensures seamless internet connectivity by providing uninterrupted power to Wi-Fi routers during electricity disruptions. With Power Plus, stay connected during power outages and enjoy hassle-free online experiences.

The Portronics Power Plus houses a 2000mAh battery inside its compact frame. Set up is easy and does not require any technical expertise. It must be connected between a 12-volt (DC) Wi-Fi router and the main power outlet. The Power Plus supplies power from the mains to the Wi-Fi router via one of two standard connectors—2.1mm and 5.5mm DC pin—at all times. When there is an outage, the Power Plus’ battery instantly kicks in to keep the Wi-Fi functional for up to four hours.

The Power Plus also boasts built-in safety features, designed to protect the router and itself from overcharging and undervoltage following temporary power outages. With its user-friendly design and advanced protection mechanisms, the Power Plus offers a dependable solution to keep your online activities running smoothly, making it an essential addition to any home or office setup

For More Information: https://www.portronics.com/

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