Prioritizing user-friendliness, our solutions not only meet tech standards but also enhance overall client comfort and convenience.

Maulik Unadkat, Founder of Beyond Alliance, traces the company’s humble beginnings to its future growth trajectory. He outlines their dedication to personalized automation solutions, simplifying things for clients.

Founded in 2008, Beyond Alliance originated as a specialized Crestron Home Automation System Integrator. Over the past decade, they have evolved into a comprehensive technology design firm, offering end-to-end solutions in Automation, Audiovisual (AV), Networking, and Electronic Security.

From their humble beginning as a three-person company, they have expanded into a formidable team of over 125 certified professionals, boasting expertise in THX, HAA, ISF, Crestron, and KNX technologies. Their team is driven by a shared passion for digitally transforming lifestyles and enhancing the way people interact with their surroundings.

With the establishment of five state-of-the-art experience centers in Mumbai and one in Surat, Beyond Alliance stands out as the sole residential system integrator in India with such a widespread presence. These centers serve as hubs for innovation, allowing them to showcase cutting-edge solutions and stay at the forefront of technology trends. Beyond Alliance, is committed to user-friendliness and ensures that their solutions not only meet technological standards but also enhance the overall comfort and convenience of our clients.

In a tete-a-tete with Smart Home World, Maulik Unadkat shares the company’s vision, services and more…  

 Beyond Automation is one of the most reputed companies in the industry. Can you take our readers through your journey so far?

We see this as more than just reputation; it’s a responsibility. Presently, annually trusted by over 100 Interior Designers, Architects, and 250 High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) to seamlessly integrate technology into their spaces, we grasp the importance of upholding this trust and ensuring technology harmonizes with their designs. With our 15 years of industry experience, Beyond Alliance has grown remarkably from a 12-person team in 2017 to a robust organization of 125 individuals. It’s the dedication and expertise of our team that have earned us the reputation as the most trusted company. 

In just the first two years, we passionately set up six experience centers, displaying the latest global technologies seamlessly adaptable to modern homes or workspaces. Beyond Alliance’s growth stems from assembling the right team, building robust infrastructure, and fostering fruitful collaborations. Moving forward, we pledge to maintain the trust our clients have placed in us and persist in innovating the integration of technology and design.

Can you share with our professional readers some of the revolutionary projects you have worked on, which have been a turning point in your career in terms of experimenting with new Luxury Home Automation, Smart Lighting, Audio Video and Electronic Security Segments or introducing innovative concepts?

Like the soul of any new space is its design, the brain is the technology behind it. There is a tech solution for every human need. Whether its Radisson Nashik or a 12,000 sq ft Penthouse in the concrete jungle of Mumbai, a modern co-working space or workspace for financial hubs in BKC, we understand very well how to design a user-friendly solution tailored to the needs of these specific user profiles. 

There are 2 non-negotiables for any tech design: (1) It has to work. (2) It must be easy to use yet fulfil all needs and It has to be value for money. 

The day we grasped this and understood the expectations of the HNI user, things took off for us. End users are discerning enough to distinguish between value and price. Both under designing and over designing the solution fail miserably.

What are the latest technological trends shaping the Home Automation, Office Automation, Audio Video and Electronic Security segments?

The controls are gradually shifting towards Apple HomeKit controls. Despite the globalization of technology advancements like KNX or DALI in automation, Dolby ATMOS in home cinema, and Wi-Fi 6 in networking, these developments have been present in India for over a decade. However, due to a lack of structured education or awareness, these technologies have remained accessible to select people. If designed optimally, these technologies could be made accessible and enjoyable for every home.

As the industry has matured, the focus has shifted towards innovation on the UI/UX front and designer keypads. The overarching goal is to enhance the user experience. Our commitment lies in deploying the latest technologies in every space we design, ensuring that the end user experience becomes progressively simpler and more intuitive. These technologies are here to stay, and our mission is to integrate them seamlessly, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Ambient light-rejecting screens, LED video walls, Short-throw-projectors, Dolby Atmos speakers, etc. are a few new technologies, what are the brands you integrate in most of your projects?

Technology keeps evolving every year and hence we keep visiting all global technology shows to keep ourselves updated. This inspires us to incorporate the new ones that appeal to us in our experience centers so that we can showcase the same to the end users. We try to remain as brand agnostic as possible so that our designing keeps the end user at the epicenter and not the brand. We love a few brands because of what value they deliver and they are all mentioned and continuously updated on our website ( and instagram handle (@beyondallianceofficial).

What are the recent challenging projects where you’ve utilized Trendy Audio Video and Electronics Security? 

A project is never challenging for a technocrat. It’s the task of adapting the same technology to different user demographics with equal acceptability and efficiency that we continuously focus on. Due to fear of technology, many people are averse to it and choose to stay away. The technology we implement can sing, emote, listen, talk, and bring more life and magic into your home. Passion should drive the choice of timber for audio as you immerse yourself in a 4K Dolby Atmos home cinema certified to THX HAA and ISF calibration standards.

How have access and security solutions evolved for the residential market. What are the brands you prefer in your projects?

We have started offering integrated security solutions. A facial ID scanner is waiting to unlock the space at the speed and efficiency at which our iphone unlocks itself. This is just the beginning. As a visitor notifies you with the same gadget a display phone next to your bed helps you face time them before you let them in. The same display can stream music to every room and control the colour temperature and intensity of every light to set the right vibe for that time of the day.

We use IP based security and access control solutions from networking brands to secure the spaces we design.

How do you envision the home automation industry in 5 years?

The home automation industry is maturing, recognizing the necessity for certified professionals to integrate these systems effectively. The system’s quality depends on its integrator. Organizations like CEDIA, THX, HAA, and ISF are investing efforts in training, certifying, and enhancing the standard of design and education in integration projects. As more integrators recognize the importance of such certifications, the quality of end-user experience will improve, leading to exponential demand growth.

AI, gesture & Voice-Based tech is bound to catalyse innovation in this space. Most IoT based solutions are designed around switchboards and obsolete dimming technologies like triac/phase-cut dimming. Hence, we don’t really appreciate retrofit wireless solutions in home automation as they have too many limitations in terms of user friendliness and innovation. Above that, our design philosophy is always low on radiations keeping in mind health hazards radio frequencies bring in. Even the Wi-Fi network goes to standby mode with 67% less radiation when data exchange is hibernating. Our design philosphy is always low on radiations keeping in mind health hazards radio frequencies bring in. Even the Wi-Fi network goes to standby mode with 67% less radiation when data exchange is hibernating

As an expert what would you suggest architects and designers should invest to enhance clients’ security and energy- efficiency?

Education is the key. CEDIA is a great platform that uses CPDs (Continuing Professional Development) to bridge the gap between the design and build industry and system integrators. We have 2 CEDIA instructors on board who can deliver education seminars to interior designers and architects who are the biggest influencers and consultants to end users when it comes to any aspect of selection or design.

What is your future vision for your Company?

There is a huge demand supply gap in our industry. A lot of users aspire such technology but dont know what to invest in and why. The only way we can spread this awareness and reach more needs is through collabrations and partnerships. We believe in getting more and more passionate individuals to join the family of Beyond Alliance and help nurture it.

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