SmartNode Launches Curtain Flow and HomeLinkPro 

Smart Node launches two groundbreaking products, Curtain Flow, a Wi-Fi-based Curtain Motor, and HomeLinkPro, a Home Automation Screen Panel. Read on to know more…

Smart Node, India’s premier home automation company, proudly presents its latest innovations designed to elevate your living experience. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Smart Node offers a comprehensive range of smart home solutions, including retrofit automation, KNX automation, sensors, and hotel automation products.

As a leading brand in the country, Smart Node is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into the lifestyles of its customers. This commitment, combined with local manufacturing and unwavering customer satisfaction, positions Smart Node as the preferred choice for those seeking a smarter, more connected living experience in India.

Having successfully transformed over 5000+ homes as of 2023, Smart Node continues to make a significant impact on the Indian home when it comes to providing innovative solutions in the automation segment. Its applications extend to both residential and commercial spaces, catering to diverse needs for smart automation and Smart Technology. 

Smart Home World gives you a preview of the two new range…

Curtain Flow – Wi-Fi-based Curtain Motor transforms the way you interact with your curtains. With its seamless connectivity and user-friendly features this Wi-Fi-based Curtain Motor offers:

Multi-Mode Control: Effortlessly control your curtains through various modes – Manual, Remote, Application, Touch Panel, and Voice.

Precision Positioning: Tailor your curtain’s position from 0 to 100% in precise steps for the perfect blend of natural light and privacy.

Effortless Scenes Integration: Seamlessly integrate Curtain Flow into your daily life with easy scene creation for automatic opening and closing.

Live Feedback: Stay informed with real-time feedback on your curtain’s status, ensuring you’re always in control.

Intuitive Pull-to-Open and Close: Effortlessly operate your curtains with a gentle pull, offering a user-friendly and versatile control mechanism.

Their second offering SmartNode HomeLink and HomeLink Pro offers the ultimate convivence when it comes to smart home management. The device offers the flexibility of controlling everything at your fingertips. This smart panel offers:

Centralized Control: Effortlessly manage all your smart devices in one place for a streamlined daily routine.

Sleek Design: Enhance your living space with a modern, unobtrusive design that seamlessly blends into your home.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and customize your smart home with ease, making smart living a breeze for everyone.

All-in-One Convenience: Access and control various devices effortlessly, eliminating the need for toggling between different apps.

These two products SmartNode’s Curtain Flow and HomeLinkPro redefine the possibilities of home automation, providing ultimate convenience and sophistication for a smarter living experience. 

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