Waterfall Audio will unveil an exclusive loudspeaker range, Niagara XT, at ISE 2024

Waterfall Audio is all set to showcase key solutions from its product portfolio, with a spotlight on the exclusive Niagara XT loudspeaker range at the ISE 2024. Cedric Aubriot, CEO, and Founder of Waterfall Audio, shares, “Since 1999, customers have been installing our glass loudspeakers globally. The fusion of high-quality audio performance and stunning aesthetics has always been central to our mission. Our new product range takes the possibilities of what a loudspeaker can achieve to the next level. We are thrilled to unveil the Niagara XT loudspeakers at ISE, alongside other new and existing audio products.”

Making its debut in 2024, the Niagara XT loudspeakers feature three distinct models, benefitting from enhanced technical and aesthetic possibilities. With a striking wood horn and Nappa leather top, these speakers offer integrators an exclusive audio solution tailored to each customer.

ISE attendees can also experience the introduction of Waterfall Audio’s JETSTREAM damping technology, specifically designed to control damping in the floorstanding glass loudspeaker range, including Niagara, Iguascu, and Victoria. With significant improvements in both design and technical aspects, JETSTREAM redefines and maximizes performance, allowing for deeper and faster bass with a smoother response in the midrange.

The Waterfall Pro Custom Series, showcasing the LCR500 and SUB600S, will be on display. The LCR500, with its high-power handling, is ideal for rooms between 40 to 100m². Integrating seamlessly behind an acoustically transparent screen with a total depth of 21 cm, it pairs effortlessly with the SUB600S. A demonstration of the dynamic capacities of a 2.2 setup with 2 x LCR500 and 2 x SUB600S, powered by the Waterfall exclusive RS700 DSP AMP, will be featured.

Join the Waterfall Audio team for a drinks reception at booth 2F130 at 5:45 pm on Tuesday, January 30th, and Thursday, February 1st, 2024.

For more details, visit www.waterfallaudio.com

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