A simple IoT based solution that increases the efficiency of your property

Batelco Smart Property

Digital Living goes beyond just the Smart Home. Our very own Elear Solutions from Hyderabad has gone global with the concept and developed a partnership with Batelco, a leading telecom service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Together they have launched a product called COCO Smart Property that is designed for Residential and Commercial builders to enhance their tenant experience by installing smart devices for comfort/convenience/security, digitize the workflows for property management by allowing tenants the ability to schedule maintenance visits, and conserve 20% energy savings by using AI-enabled rules.

Batelco is the first company in the GCC region to introduce a product that aims to help property owners efficiently manage their properties, reduce costs and maximise revenues, through smart solutions. Designed for a contemporary lifestyle, this 360-degree smart living solution features three main elements; Home Automation, Property Management and Smart Energy. It allows users to operate and control functions like lighting and air conditioning, remotely or through an app. The Smart Energy feature helps to monitor and control energy usage that leads to cost savings.

Ashish Bajaj, CEO, Elear Solutions, said: “Elear Solutions, a technology products company that enables easier development of Edge Compute AI-driven apps, devices and services, is on a mission to simplify the development of low latency digital services in the 5G and IoT era. We are very excited to partner with Batelco as our lead customer in the GCC region. Their vision with the convergence of Smart Home, Smart Property and Smart Energy exemplifies their market knowledge and innovation, Batelco is leading the way in showing property owners and their tenants how a smart home ecosystem can enhance lives in ways unimagined before.”

Abderrahmane Mounir, General Manager, Enterprise, Batelco, said: “We are pleased to introduce this innovative digital product, in partnership with Elear, to benefit property owners in Bahrain, helping them to deliver one solution with many benefits. By having ‘smart’ properties, building owners can attract tenants who demand efficiently run, cost-saving homes. The customisable product is designed by Batelco’s team to suit the specific requirements of each property, working to enhance the lives of owners and tenants alike.”

“The introduction of Smart Property is in line with Batelco’s strategy to move beyond its core business into non-telecom adjacent businesses, as part of its provisioning of digital solutions, in line with Bahrain’s 2030 vision of a digitised economy,” Mounir concluded.

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