A Technologically Advanced Office Space Redefining Work Environment

Ar. Abhishek Bij, Partner at Design Plus Architects, has artfully designed an advanced and tech-savvy office for William Grant & Sons. This workspace seamlessly combines smart features to create a stimulating work environs. The expertise of Systems Integrator, Fluitech Engineers, further elevates this workspace. 

The William Grant & Sons office, designed by the architecture firm Design Plus Architects, stands as a testament to the evolution of office spaces in the modern era. Spanning an impressive 2,200 sq. ft., this workspace reflects the core values of pride, responsibility, professionalism, entrepreneurship and sustainability which are the core values of the brand. The design not only embodies these values but also addresses the contemporary need for interactive and collaborative working environments.

Design Concept and Spaces

“Gone are the days of linear offices with repetitive workstations. The William Grant & Sons’ office embraces a new-age design philosophy, focusing on interaction and the exchange of ideas. Divided into two distinct zones – the Ideation Space (Meeting Hall) and Conversation Room – the office caters to both formal and informal discussions. The Ideation Space features sunken discussion pods, each accommodating 14 seats, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. This space can host gatherings of over 80 employees for management pitches, HR revisions, or celebratory events. A seamless 8’ wide slider connects the Ideation Space to the Conversation Room, which offers various seating configurations, including coffee sets, hot desks, and a 12’ long bar table.” explains Ar. Abhishek Bij, Partner at Design Plus Architects.  

Materials and Aesthetics

The architectural design draws inspiration from distillery dispatches, utilising hardwood batons and MS flats for a symbolic connection and added warmth. Distinct ceiling and lighting patterns differentiate the two zones. The design maintains simplicity by minimizing the use of materials and textures, creating a harmonious and productive environment.

Smart Technologies Integration

The integration of smart technologies and automation in the William Grant & Sons’ office was driven by specific objectives aimed at enhancing functionality and efficiency. The primary focus was on simplifying the management of ambient light and sound, all while fostering a democratic office environment. Systems Integrator, Fluitech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. played a critical role in integrating technology and transforming this space. 

The automation system employed Control4/Raylogic, ensures a seamless and integrated control mechanism. Panasonic was chosen for conferencing solutions, offering state-of-the-art communication capabilities. LG touchscreen displays provide intuitive interfaces for enhanced user interaction.

In terms of lighting, the office utilized DALI/Phase-cut/0-10v systems from ENDO, allowing for dynamic control and ambiance adjustments. Shading controls, efficiently managed by Hunter Douglas, further contributed to a customizable and comfortable workspace.

The comprehensive list of technology solutions includes security cameras from Hikvision, digital locks by Yale, projectors from Epson, amplifiers by Denon/Episode, sound systems from Episode, sensors provided by Esylux, and biometrics by ESSL.  Additional hardware, and networking devices from ESSL. Cisco, D-Link, and Grandstream further contribute to the robust and interconnected technological infrastructure supporting the office’s dynamic operations.

The William Grant & Sons office stands as a testament to the successful integration of modern design principles and smart technologies. By fostering a collaborative and interactive environment, this workspace not only reflects the brand’s values but also enhances the overall user experience and productivity of its employees. The thoughtful selection and integration of smart technologies ensure a seamless and efficient operation, contributing to the success of this new-age office space.

Tech Insights

Systems Integrator: Fluitech Engineers. 

Automation System Used: Control4/ Raylogic

Conferencing Solutions Used: Panasonic 

Touch Screens Displays: LG

Lighting Used: ENDO

Lighting Control: DALI/ Phase-cut/ 0-10v

Shading Controls: Hunter Douglas 

Security Cameras: Hikvision

Digital Locks: Yale 

Projectors: Epson

Amplifier: Denon/ Episode 

Sound System: Episode 

Sensors: Esylux

Biometrics: ESSL

Smart Locks: Yale

Hardware used: ESSL

Networking Devices used: Cisco, D-Link, Grandstream

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