‘Ahmedabad Bungalow Combines Luxury With Smart Technology’

Architect & Interiors team : Ar. Jayshil  from Aakirna Architects – Ahmedabad. 

Lighting Design & Automation by : Radhika Patel Founder of FUTURIZTIC,
An exclusive dealer for the brand TIS Smart Home,
offerings include a range of 30 – 40 different touch panels
in different styles & colours.

 This Ahmedabad-based bungalow features luxury and automation. The smart experience is reflected both indoors and outdoors as security and functionality are connected seamlessly with high-speed internet.

The Client’s Vision

The client’s main focus was security, functionality, and luxury. They wanted the whole space well connected, such that they could unlock their front door from any part of their home. They expressed a desire for sleek touch panels which could control everything from lights, AC, curtains, music to access control & set scenes. While everything was to be controlled from a panel, no tablet was to rest on any of the walls.
Automation was requested to be in common areas of the bungalow, their two sons’ bedrooms, and outdoor spaces including swimming pool, gym, gazebo, garden.

The Scope of Work

The FUTURIZTIC team suggested the use of a panel range called LUNA, which has elegant black touch panels with multiple pages that incorporates all the automation the client had requested.

Although the master bedroom and guest room were not a part of the initial automation plan, the client later requested the addition of those two rooms. Since the team had a clear plan for the wiring and future additions, the two rooms were easily managed without any problems. 

The automation team worked closely with an architect and interior designing team from Aakirna Architects in Ahmedabad. With Architect Jayshil in charge, all the specific requirements with the touch panels were executed to meet the architect’s vision. The electrical drawings helped in determining the location of the white, warm white, and dimming lights were to be placed. All the lights were taken on Dali Protocol. The drawings were redesigned to show the exact location of panels, CCTV, sensors, routers, VDP screens, and the changes were made accordingly. 

Automations Integrated 

The LUNA touch panel was used, it has a 4.3” touch screen and multiple pages inbuilt which can control lights, ACs, curtains, scenes & dimming. The team had also placed a bedside panel on the bedside table which had inbuilt AC control, lighting, and scene control. The clients were provided with a smart TIS remote for each room. The automation team installed 26 5MP CCTV cameras, 20 light sensors, 4 VDP screens in different locations, and a couple of routers in the bungalow as well. Networking was in FUTURIZTIC’s scope giving the team better flexibility to design the networking infrastructure, which was capable of tackling the internet-consuming gadgets and devices including the numerous touch panels in the bungalow.

Challenges Faced 

 Designing the automation layout was a bit of a challenge as the project had no scope for centralized wiring and to accommodate decentralized wiring as per zones and areas identified.

The project was at the procuring of the material stage when the COVID pandemic hit and the lockdowns began. This threw the timeline for a toss, and work started once again after everything was opened up. The client finalized their moving-in date and things fell into place on time.

Eventual Outcomes

A good vision, a good team, good electrical and other layout plans & drawings, and a good solution – is the recipe to make an engaging and easy to use smart home.

Client’s Feedback 

By the end of project completion, the clients and the team had become just like friends! They were very patient throughout the project and have recommended the FUTURIZTIC team to their relatives. It was a beautiful beginning for a long-term journey with the client’s family.

 Final Takeaway

This was a project where the client had put a lot of faith in FUTURIZTIC and allowed them to make important technical decisions . The use of smart installations in their bungalow was suggested after understanding their way of life and learning to enhance it. Any over-engineered solutions were avoided, and functionality was prioritized taking the clients on their automation journey.

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