Dahua Technology Unveils Smart Dual Illuminator Camera Series

Dahua Technology Unveils Smart Dual Illuminator Camera Series

Dahua Technology, one of the leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service providers has recently launched the full-colour Smart Dual Illuminator Camera Series. The new full-colour Series combines two illuminators—warm light and infrared light—with three additional light modes to give clear and bright full-colour images without using warm light. This feature makes it a flexible solution for a wide range of night and low-light monitoring situations.

“Crimes are often committed at night, so a surveillance system must be able to capture colour images of events as evidence for investigation. To do that, warm light is necessary, but constant use of warm light can disturb other residents. That’s why we developed the full-colour Smart Dual Illuminator Camera, which users can have the best of both worlds,” informs Eaden Xie, IP Camera Product Director, Dahua Technology.

Adopting a deep learning algorithm to accurately detect targets, this Camera can intelligently switch between the IR mode when there is no target in the scene and the full-colour mode when a target is detected. It allows users the option to record the events without contributing to light pollution. Also, the Smart Dual Illuminators’ lighting mode can be changed with a single click on the DMSS app. This gives the users an added advantage to control the device from anywhere, view the monitored scene, and get timely alarm notifications at any time.

Equipped with its deep learning algorithms, the Camera also supports AI applications such as SMD Plus, Perimeter Protection, and Quick Search, making it easier for users to focus on real threats. The Smart Codec technology gives it a lower bit rate and helps lower storage costs.

This series is ideal for applications where full-colour videos are necessary but don’t need constant use of warm light, such as residential areas, villas, retail stores, schools, hospitals, parks, etc. It is also suitable for indoor scenarios (e.g. corridors and hallways) where lighting is insufficient and other scenarios that require constant warm light, such as parking lots and streets.

In the future, Dahua Smart Dual Illuminator IP cameras will be equipped with Illumination by Schedule. This function will allow different illumination modes to be set according to different time slots to customise the user’s own protection plan.

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