Digitally Secured Locks!

Smart Home World gives you a cursory glance at the latest innovation and advancements in Digital Locks.

Traditional locks are making way for Digital Locks! First, let’s clear your misconceptions regarding digital locks. They are not as complicated as they are made out to be. They are simple to operate, sleek in design, and function and of course, they are secured. One of the main reasons for their growing popularity is that Smart Door Lock systems offer enhanced security and convenience by allowing homeowners to control and monitor their doors remotely using advanced technology. Some key features and advancements in smart door lock systems include Keyless Entry, Remote Access and Control, Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems, Virtual Keys and Guest Access, Biometric Recognition and Voice Control.

Those few who are skeptical about opting for these Digital Locks, need to understand; their mechanism and the latest advancements that make them foolproof. Smart Home World simplifies things for you: 

What are Digital Locks? 

Digital Locks are electronic locking devices that operate by means of electric current. Electric locks are sometimes stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. Electronic door locks are more easily accessible because all you have to do is program a unique access code instead of fumbling around with different keys. Also, keypad electronic locks can give a general overview of who’s been in and out of your apartment. Digital locks outfitted with advanced encryption standards are quite secure, and most digital locks have built-in anti-theft alarms.

Functions and Network Support 

A Bluetooth smart lock doesn’t require a hub or a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth devices can connect directly to a smartphone or computer. Bluetooth smart locks are best suited for apartments or small homes and only need to control the lock while you’re at home.

There are various types of smart locks, these include keyed, keyless, various types of hybrids using keypads with and without keys, some with physical Near-Field Communications (NFC) keys, and the latest development the door can be accessed using auto-unlocking via smartphone geo-fencing, Apple HomeKit, Apple Siri and Apple Watch. 

Different Types of Smart Locks

Smart Locks are fast becoming common fixtures in Indian homes and commercial spaces. One of the factors is multiple brands available offering affordable pricing. These new-age smart locks come with a wide range of functions.  

Keypad and Combination Smart Lock

The Bluetooth-enabled Smart locks with keypads require a master passcode to unlock the door. You can also set up passcodes for different people. Combination keypad smart locks come in several varieties: keypad deadbolts, keypad deadbolts with a knob or lever and keypad deadbolts with a handle. You may have a touchscreen or physical buttons to push. Many models easily connect with other smart home equipment.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks

Some smart locks feature Wi-Fi connectivity that can be paired with a smart home hub like Amazon Echo. Working via Apps, these products let you lock or unlock your door from anywhere with a wireless connection. You can also track opening and closing history and share e-keys with family, neighbours, repair technicians or other trusted individuals. No more making copies of keys and trying to remember who has them!

Bluetooth Smart Locks

Bluetooth options with smart locks offer the same functionality as Wi-Fi without draining your battery as quickly. With this capability, you can connect your locks directly to your mobile device instead of a smart home system. You’ve got Wi-Fi capabilities plus a sensing feature that unlocks automatically when your mobile device is within a set distance from the smart lock, usually 30 feet.

Some Bluetooth-enabled locks forgo Wi-Fi connectivity altogether. This is arguably a more secure option since Bluetooth requires proximity to work; meaning, a potential hacker would need to be within at least 3 feet of the lock to even attempt to engage with it.

Latest Innovations: The latest innovation in digital door locks for homes involves the integration of advanced technologies to enhance security, convenience, and connectivity they are as follows:

Biometric Recognition: Biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition, is increasingly being incorporated into digital door locks. These locks can identify authorised individuals based on their unique biometric traits, providing a high level of security and convenience, as there is no need for traditional keys or PIN codes.

Mobile Connectivity: Many digital door locks now offer integration with smartphones and other mobile devices. This allows homeowners to control and monitor their locks remotely, granting access to visitors or family members even when they are not physically present. Mobile connectivity also enables features like real-time notifications, lock status updates, and the ability to grant temporary access to guests.

Virtual Keys and Access Codes: With the rise of the sharing economy and short-term rentals, digital door locks are incorporating features that allow homeowners to generate virtual keys or access codes for specific periods. This enables easy and secure access for guests, service providers, or delivery personnel, without the need for physical keys or key exchange.

Voice Control and Smart Home Integration: Digital door locks are increasingly compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling homeowners to control the locks through voice commands. Integration with smart home systems and platforms also allows for automation and seamless integration with other connected devices in the home, enhancing overall security and convenience.

Advanced Encryption and Security Features: As digital door locks become more prevalent, manufacturers are investing in robust encryption protocols and security features to protect against hacking and unauthorised access. These locks often employ technologies like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure secure communication and data protection.

Battery Backup and Emergency Access: To address concerns about power outages or lock malfunctions, digital door locks now often come with battery backup options. In case of a power failure, these locks can still be operated using alternative power sources or physical keys. Some locks also feature emergency access mechanisms, such as hidden keyholes or manual override options, providing fail-safe options for homeowners.

These innovations in digital door locks for homes aim to enhance security, convenience, and connectivity, catering to the evolving needs and expectations of homeowners in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

Some of the popular and reliable brands available in the market

Yale Locks is a renowned brand in the security industry, specialising in various types of locks and security solutions. One of Yale’s notable product lines is the Yale 7116A Smart Lock range. This range offers features that include fingerprint verification, pin code access, RFID card access and mechanical key override, a Smart keypad with various light patterns for functional operation, an auto-lock feature for added convenience, one-time password issuance for temporary visitor access, long battery life with low battery alert, emergency power backup with a standard 9V battery and compatible with various door thicknesses (40 mm to 80 mm). Some of the advantages offered are these locks can be controlled from anywhere, unlocked automatically, and compatible with multiple Voice Assistants, 24×7 Smart Alerts and personalised lock settings.

The unique technical features of these locks are a strong lock body with hardened SS 304 bolts, Built-in loud alarm and force-locked mode for added security, the ability to cancel a lost access card without changing the lock, Smart connectivity options, including video door phone integration, multiple modes for multi-user environments and Code scrambling for enhanced security. YDM7116A comes in three elegant colours – Matt Black, Champagne Gold and Red Bronze. It also has a pin button built into the door handle, which prevents kids from easily opening the door. 

Solity Co Ltd is a Korean company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of high-quality digital locks and security solutions. With a focus on innovative technologies and user-friendly designs, Solity aims to provide reliable and advanced security products for residential and commercial applications. GP-6000BAK Solity Facial Recognition Smart lock has all the functions like facial recognition, Fingerprint, RFID, Pin code and application that own the platform. They offer high-quality products with cost-effective pricing. They offer flexibility to meet many functional options like OTP and visitor password and history checking through App. 

Another technical highlight is the motorised mortise (cassette, cabinet). The automatic locking function developed with their own technology provides greater convenience when opening and closing. The smart lock uses 8 AAA alkaline batteries, the smart lock can register up to 100 fingerprints for user authentication, and offers three types of alarms: high temperature, break-in, and unregistered password 5 times. These alarms help alert homeowners to potential security threats or issues. Some of the highlight features are Auto-Lock, Re-Lock, Double Lock Function, Random Number and Multi-touch Feature. In case of emergency, one can use the mechanical key to open the door. 

Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems is one of the trusted brands. One of their notable product lines is The Catus Connect Lock, which is a 5-in-1 connected lock that can be operated by fingerprint, passcode, RFID card, a mechanical key and via mobile phone. It can be seamlessly integrated with various smart home devices, including a Video Door phone. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be operated from anywhere in the world. Moreover, its trendy finishes, longer battery life, and robust lock body ensure mechanical safety, making it ideal for residential use. Some of the highlight features of the Digital lock are that it offers 360° fingerprint recognition once registered, the sensor recognises up to 99 fingerprints at any angle, registers up to 99 unique PINs, saves a password of 4 to 9 digits for enhanced password strength, it also registers up to 99 RFID cards for multiple user access.  The lock can be remotely opened and closed through a mobile App, providing the convenience of accessing the door. The one-time password can be generated over a mobile App and shared over SMS. In the adjustable Spy Code, random numbers can be added before or after the password in the presence of strangers, thereby maintaining password secrecy.  In case the battery is completely discharged, an external Power Bank can be used to provide an emergency power supply to operate the lock.  Anti¬-prank Alarms, the lock stops functioning for 3 minutes after 3 failed attempts and generates a series of alarms.

Häfele’s RE-Twist distinguishes itself from other locks by seamlessly integrating a doorbell within the lock body, eliminating the need for a separate module. Additionally, it comes with multiple access modes making door operations effortless and adaptable. Their features like access modes like Capacitive Fingerprint, Keypad, RFID Card and Built-in Wi-Fi Key, add the convenience of operations to your security. Reliable Security is achieved through enhanced and fool-proof security with multiple access modes (RFID, Fingerprint Access, Keypad, Mechanical Key, Built-in Wi-Fi Key). Convenient Access Control is granted to revoke access permission as per your convenience depending upon the situation via the intuitive mobile application. Indicative Alarms send alerts in case of emergencies or intrusions or if the door is not locked properly, thereby enhancing security. The Locks also offers augment functionality and convenience while operating the lock with features like Smart Password (helps you hide your password within random digits), Smart Freeze (freezes the lock after 5 – 10 incorrect entries/fingerprints), Smart Security (dual verification for added security) among others. 

One significant technical feature that is unique to our range of Digital Locks is the control of the lock via Hafele Smart Mobile App. This App lets you manage and control the operations of your lock remotely, which gives you an upper hand to oversee your home security from anywhere and at any time. Adding to this is a host of password possibilities that allow you to set numerous password configurations for granting different levels of access, enabling utmost security. 

Quba offers Quad Digital Locks. These locks have features like three locking bolts, a time-limited pass, a break-in alert, smart password, a high-temperature alert and Hijack Alert. Some of the advantages provided by these smart locks are ease of using five-way access, a strong lock body, and real-time alert/notification on the Quba Smart App. Plus it also offers the option for a one-time password for guests/house-help to enter and Tamper Alert feature in case of a break-in. These locks have three shooting bolts and a strong stainless-steel lock body, a 360-degree capacitive fingerprint sensor, an In-built Wi-Fi module for direct Wi-Fi connectivity and can add up to 100 fingerprints, 100 Passwords and 100 RFID cards. It also has 4 x AA batteries.

Those few who were skeptical about opting for these locks, we are sure all your misconceptions about Smart Digital Locks are cleared.

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