Fima Carlo Frattini Launches The Cloud Rain Shower

    Fima Carlo Frattini is an Italian company that has existed for three generations. The continuous search for beauty and the spasmodic attention to every detail, from the choice of machinery, to the study of the components of a new product up to the development of its explanatory brochure, is what has always distinguished and characterized the brand. This well-known brand has launched a chic new rain showerhead – Cloud.

    Cloud is the new showerhead designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates.‎ As the name indicates: an asymmetrical and rounded shape evokes the impermanence of a cloud which is accompanied by LED light resulting in a relaxing colorful rain, offering exciting play of light for moments of total well-being.‎

    Cloud is characterized by the presence of two different levels for sizes and shapes: the first is the head itself, and the second is a white plate that acts as a reflector of the strip led fixed in the upper part of the showerhead.‎

    From this game project are born 2 versions from the ceiling, with a white, black, or chrome finish along with three types of installation:

    • with steel cables to view
    • with ceiling arm in two different length
    • with wall arm
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