Google Rebrands Smart Home Ecosystem: Presenting ‘Google Home’.

Google Home Family

Industry-defining acquisitions like Nest Labs in 2014 for $3.2 billion showed Google’s commitment to smart home technology. Google has announced the rebrand of its Smart Home ecosystem. Introducing “Google Home” which includes Google Home speakers, Google Assistant, Nest devices, Android, along with smart displays, apps, and devices made by other partners and developers.
Google has also revealed a few ground-breaking developer tools, among these is the Google Home Developer Center, (launching in 2022), as the go-to place for Smart Home developers to learn and build Smart Home devices, applications, and automation. This Developer Center will host opportunities for building Matter apps, devices and allow access to analytics and performance monitoring.

Google & Matter

Matter is a universal and open smart home application protocol that will allow consumers to build, buy, and set up any smart home devices within the Matter ecosystem. Google is updating its Nest & Android devices with Matter support, allowing consumers to control smart home devices within the Matter ecosystem with any Android, iOS, and/or Fire device alongside Google Assistant, Displays, and Nest speakers.

More developer tools

Google has developed a specific integrated development environment (IDE) called Google home IDE. Furthermore, this IDE can also be used with the ultra-famous Visual Studio Code. Developers are now able to build Smart Home devices and connect them to Google.

The Google Home App

Google Home App is the central part of Google Home. As developers build features that encourage users to spend more time on them, the Google Home App might prompt customers to use certain features that are not currently being adopted. With Matter Apps, users can connect to Android directly and the Developer Center, which enables them to access the development and marketing tools.

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