GOVO Unveils GoSurround 970 Soundbar

GOVO has recently launched its latest addition to the soundbar lineup—the GoSurround 970 Soundbar. Founder of GOVO, Varun Poddar, expressed his excitement about the GoSurround 970 Soundbar, stating, “We’re thrilled to introduce the GOVO GoSurround 970—a perfect sound upgrade for the Cricket World Cup finals. Our goal is simple: to elevate the excitement with top-notch audio. With Dolby Audio, every cheer and boundary will resonate with the energy that defines the game. The GOVO GoSurround 970 isn’t just a soundbar; it’s your way to take the sound experience of the Cricket World Cup finals to a whole new level!”

Key Features of the GOVO GoSurround 970 Soundbar:

·         Dolby Audio: Experience dramatic, high-quality surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels with Dolby Audio.

·         DSP Enabled Subwoofer: Immerse yourself in a theatre-like experience with the deep bass of the 6.5″ subwoofer.

·         Dynamic LED Lights: Elevate the acoustic experience with stylish LED lights in GOVO’s signature color.

·         5 Equalizer Modes: Switch through Movie, News, Music, and 3D modes to tailor your home cinema experience.

·         Remote Control: Stylishly adjust Bass, treble & volume with the included remote control.

·         Multiple Connectivity: Connect with HDMI (ARC), AUX, USB & OPT for versatile usage.

·         Bluetooth V5.3: Effortlessly connect your mobile device and enjoy louder music.

·         Integrated Controls: Manage your music experience and pair through the key panel on the soundbar.

·         LED Display: Check the status of your soundbar through the informative LED display.

·         Dynamic Mounting (Wall/Shelf): Choose to place it in front of the TV or mount it on the wall as per your preference.

For further information please contact:

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