HTA’s New Design Partner Program

The Home Technology Association (HTA)—the resource for the most qualified and professional home technology integrators—announced its new HTA Design Partner Program recently. The new HTA Design Partner professional designation identifies design-centric home technology integrators as a service to architects, interior designers, builders, and end users. The program was created to recognize the home technology professionals that not only offer technology consultation and design but those who collaborate with design and build teams to ensure that the technology is integrated into the home in the best way possible.

The need for this type of program in the home technology industry has grown over the years. When planning a new construction or remodeling project, it is vital that the client’s technology needs are considered and designed early to avoid compromises, change orders, and project delays. The HTA Design Partner program serves as the basis for effective collaboration between the trades and addresses issues that have kept them from engaging integrators early on projects in the past. This will lead to better trade relationships and integrators being hired at the beginning stages as technology design consultants.

“The HTA Design Partner and corresponding HTA Technology Partner programs are brilliant ways to solve most, if not all, of the issues that we see on the job site when you integrate new people into the design process. This is going to streamline the process from design to build and reduce the amount of time and errors that we see. It will also make for an improved experience for the consumer. Everyone wins,” says Eric Goranson, Host of Around the House Show, Radio & TV Personality, Interior Designer, and Certified Kitchen Designer.

The HTA Design Partner designation is only available to those that meet stringent HTA Certification guidelines that serve as the basis for successful design collaboration and coordination with architects, builders, and interior designers. The framework for collaboration was created with the input of architects, interior designers, general contractors, and design-centric home technology integration firms and is the basis for successful design collaboration and coordination between integrators and design-build professionals. By providing these guidelines, the HTA is helping the custom integration industry by defining a code of conduct and rules of engagement that if adhered to, will help elevate the reputation of the home technology integration industry.

“Architecture and technology have never been more intertwined than today,” notes Shawn Brown of Vessel Studio, Architect, AIA. “Our design process requires the acknowledgment and integration of all systems early to help create a responsive, thoughtful, and forward-thinking approach to architecture. The HTA Design Partner program provides us the confidence to engage the right home technology integrator when we need them the most, during the design process.”

”When we introduced SLAs into our company, it clearly established the rules of engagement between our company and our clients. We have revolutionized our service department and this has resulted in happier clients. All expectations were clear on both sides. We need this same type of rules of engagement between integrators and design and build partners. The HTA Design / Technology Partner programs achieve this wonderfully”, says Eric Thies, President of DSI Luxury Technology.

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