Interra iX4: The Compact KNX Touch Panel for Smart Control.

Interra iX4 The Compact KNX Touch Panel for Smart Control
Interra iX4 The Compact KNX Touch Panel for Smart Control

Introducing the Interra iX4, a sleek 4-inch KNX Touch Panel that redefines smart home control. This next-generation mini panel offers exceptional flexibility for room control and architectural design, catering to both residential and commercial applications. With its user-friendly and customizable interface (1×2, 1×4, 2×4), managing smart buildings becomes a breeze, simplifying your life. You have the freedom to tailor layouts and colors to your specific requirements.

The Interra iX4 seamlessly handles the control of all building automation functions with dedicated pages for actions like music control, switching, dimming, tunable white lighting, RGBW control, shutter/blind and jalousie operation, thermostat control, AC management, floor heating control, timer scenarios, energy monitoring, and more.

Equipped with five built-in sensors for proximity, air quality, temperature, light intensity, and humidity, this panel also offers a special page displaying these values along with weekly weather forecasts. The proximity sensor enhances energy savings in stand-by mode. With 1 relay output (2A), 2 digital, and 2 analog inputs, installation is made easy, saving valuable time.

Key Features:

ETS Configuration (No External Configurator Needed)

Fits Standard EU Junction Boxes

Convenient Software Updates via USB

Configurable Main Screen (1×2, 1×4, 2×4)

Comprehensive Control of All KNX-Based Functions

Analog or Digital Clock Screensaver

Dry Contact Signal Output for DND Modules

Password Access & Temporary Screen Lock for Cleaning

16 Function Pages, Each with 8 Different Functions

Supports 4 Thermostat and 4 AC Controls with a Single Device

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