KEF’s Newest Subwoofers: KC92 Force-Cancelling and Kube Series

KEF is introducing the KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer and Kube Subwoofers, both featuring KEF’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm and the Music Integrity Engine (MIE).

The MIE ensures every component works within the individual subwoofer in perfect harmony. Powered by MIE, the iBX Intelligent Bass Extension creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. By analyzing the input signal, iBX allows the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level.

The KC92 achieves articulation through a dual driver in a force-cancelling configuration. KC92’s design, which incorporates the patent-pending P-Flex Surround was inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Similar to origami folds, the pleated construction defies internal air pressure, enabling the driver to move precisely in response to the aural signal. The KC92 reaches depths of 11Hz thanks to optimised excursion characteristics. KC92 contains two 9-in drivers. The force-canceling layout of the KC92’s two drivers is back-to-back, ensuring reactive forces are eliminated, which reduces cabinet vibration and maximizes precision and detail. The KC92 also possesses 100W of Class D amplification.

The Kube is available in four driver sizes – 15-in, 12-in, 10-in, and 8-in. Multiple connectivity options and room EQ settings make installation and setup simplistic. Kube has a long throw driver that fires from the front, increasing output at lower frequencies. This method produces an impression of direct force within the space. Kube creates a soundscape by accurately reproducing the lowest octaves in music and movies with high SPL and low-frequency extension, the Class D RMS amplifier in the Kube runs efficiently providing power for the subwoofer.

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