KNX Showcased Sustainable Solutions for Smart Homes and Buildings at Light + Building 2024

At Light + Building 2024, KNX takes center stage with its booth (hall 12.0, B91) from March 3rd to March 8th, aiming to demonstrate the latest developments in KNX IoT products and solutions. The KNX booth featured 25 KNX members showcasing their innovations alongside more than 140 KNX Members with individual booths, emphasizing the versatility and effectiveness of KNX on a global scale.

Under the theme of IoT, Energy Management & Security, KNX unveiled a range of working KNX IoT devices at its main booth. These devices embody the latest technological advancements, focusing on human-centric lighting, digital twin modeling, and indoor air quality improvement. Additionally, new energy management applications were highlighted, promoting sustainable energy practices within smart buildings.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, KNX has designed its booth using recycled materials, reflecting its dedication to environmental responsibility. The booth is crafted for versatility and longevity, ensuring components can be reused across multiple events.

Attendees can also explore updates in ETS (Engineering Tool Software) at the KNX booth, including previews of ETS6.3 and opportunities to engage directly with developers. The KNX Championship offers participants the chance to win an ETS6 Professional license.

KNX will host presentations, conference sessions, and discussions led by industry experts, catering to both beginners and experienced professionals. The KNX Community will share insights into KNX technology, training opportunities, and the KNX NextGen education program for students.

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