Legrand India Launches Myrius Next Gen

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure today launched its new range of wiring device ‘Myrius Next Gen’, the premium product assortment. Myrius Next Gen is expected to build a value and strengthen Legrand’s presence in the premium segment with its modern technology. The product range is targeted at the residential and commercial segment with also a focus on architects, builders, electricians, consultants, contractors, developers, system integrators and retailers.

This collection is very unique as the Legrand team has developed specially curated Motif collection plates inspired by our Indian culture and heritage. One of the examples; Dark Fade plates are inspired by the dense, impenetrable jungles of South West India cocoons the mysterious spicery of pepper. Taking after the sprawling pepper plantations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Dark Fade adds zing to any mundane interior. IMD technology has been used here, which is a breakthrough as it’s the first in this category. With this technology, it adds to the finesse and durability of the products and also goes with the latest style of home décor.

This new range of products have been developed using the intelligence of IoT which includes wireless technology, controlling it remotely (even when away from home), voice control, app control, can monitor electricity usage & get alerts. With this the brand promises its customers savings, safety, convenience, and control, additionally, for comfort and peace of mind. Legrand’s IoT enabled Home/Away Wireless Master Switch lets its users switch on or off multiple things like all lights, shutters or sockets by just pressing one switch at home or by tapping the app on your phone, even when you are not home. All the products in this range are designed in such a way that it is retrofittable, now the customers don’t need to worry about changing the electrical infrastructure.

Mr. Tony Berland, CEO & Managing Director, Legrand India said, Due to the pandemic, 2020 was a difficult year for the entire world and Indian electrical brands were no different. But despite such tough conditions we decided to launch a whole new range of wiring device which focuses on designeering & technology for our customers. New products development has been an integral part of our growth engine & we plan to stick to that philosophy. We are extremely proud to add a new range to our premium product assortment with the new brand – Myrius Next Gen.”

Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand India said, “Legrand strongly believes that customers are at the heart of the Innovation. Keeping in mind that customers are our priority we decided to launch Myrius Next Gen. Feedback from our customers helped us a lot to anticipate the trends and their future expectation. The idea behind this range of products was to assure comfort to our customers with the latest IOT technology. To ensure that all our customers have unique experience and choices, we specially designed our motif collection truly inspired by our Indian heritage and rich culture.”

The brand has been conceptualised and inspired by its customer’s health and hygiene being a priority, especially during the times of COVID. Powered by the silver ion’s, Legrand has created anti-bacterial feature which inhibits the growth of bacteria on frequently touched switches and plates.

Legrand is world’s leading electrical and digital building solution provider company with global turnover of 5.5 billion Euros. The company enjoys leadership in premium wiring devices as well as MCB in the Indian market. Its products are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality industry. Legrand India takes a further leap with its Smart connected Home offerings. Through its entry in the IoT space it takes a further leap from the brand in its Smart Connected

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