LG’s New Smart Cam model VC23GA.

LG’s New Smart Cam model VC23GA
LG’s New Smart Cam model VC23GA

LG Smart Cam Pairs with LG TVs to Deliver an Interactive Experience.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with LG TVs, the New Video Camera allows users to enjoy enhanced interaction and convenient and high-quality video calling. 

LG Electronics (LG) announced the global rollout of its new Smart Cam model VC23GA. With a Full HD (FHD) video camera with built-in dual microphones and multi-view function, the Smart Cam seamlessly integrates with LG’s webOS-powered smart TVs to enhance user interaction with a host of premium Apps and services. The pairing offers convenient video calling and conferencing, an elevated home fitness experience and much more to cater to the diverse needs of customers as they enjoy various services offered by LG Smart TVs.

Design and Integration

Compatible with many of the services available on LG TV’s webOS platform, LG Smart Cam opens up a range of diverse and compelling interactive experiences. For example, users can now conveniently connect with co-workers, clients, family, or friends via RemoteMeeting, an innovative web-based video conferencing service that also works across PCs, laptops, and smartphones. The FHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) Smart Cam provides a smooth, crisp video that looks remarkably clear and lifelike when displayed on LG’s large-screen TVs, which are known for their excellent picture quality. Setting up the Remote Meeting app on LG TV is fast and simple and conveniently eliminates the need for a laptop or PC connection. Moreover, the Smart Cam’s built-in mics require no extra peripherals.

Compatibility and Working 

Those who enjoy fitness and well-being Apps will love the benefits of pairing an LG Smart Cam with an LG TV. Exercite, a home fitness App that utilizes advanced AI motion- and exercise-recognition algorithms, accurately track the user’s body throughout each movement with the Smart Cam to provide real-time feedback on exercise technique – helping users optimize their performance.

FlexIt, a platform boasting camera-assisted live one-on-one sessions with top fitness and wellness professionals, takes full advantage of the Smart Cam-LG TV integration. The powerful combo enhances the customised user experience offered by FlexIt, which delivers tailored programs and motivational tips and tricks to support users to achieve their fitness and well-being goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, the Smart Cam and LG TV duo enable new entertainment options, including the new selfie App, Fun Mirror and the popular dance tutorial App, 1M HomeDance. Fun Mirror brings users a wide array of filters, fun photo effects and editing options to choose from, while Home Dance by 1M, a collaboration between LG and South Korea’s iconic 1 MILLION Dance Studio, one of K-Pop’s most popular choreography teams, provides a variety of tutorials and dance clips to help users hone their dancing skills. With Smart Cam connected, users can perform alongside the instructor in Camera Mode and learn the choreography of their favorite routines more efficiently.

LG Smart Cam’s integrated cover effectively blocks the camera lens when not in use to safeguard users from potential security breaches.

Stylish as well as functional, LG Smart Cam has a slim design that fits perfectly with the modern aesthetic of compatible LG Smart TVs launched in 2022, including its lifestyle TV lineup. Attaching firmly with its magnetic connectors, LG’s camera discreetly blends in with the TV to give the appearance of a single device. And thanks to its built-in dual microphone, the new camera ensures crystal-clear voice quality.

LG is committed to elevating users’ everyday lives with innovations that deliver exceptional value and differentiated user experiences. The flawless integration of the Smart Cam and LG TV enhances convenience, interactivity, and entertainment opportunities for LG TV owners. LG Smart Cam is currently available from LG’s online stores in Korea and the US and is scheduled to roll out in other major markets worldwide.

Key Highlights: 

* Full HD (FHD) video camera with built-in dual microphones and multi-view function.

* Seamlessly integrates with LG’s webOS-powered smart TVs.

* Enhances user interaction with premium apps and services on LG Smart TVs.

* Enables convenient video calling and conferencing through apps like RemoteMeeting.

* Supports home fitness experiences with Apps like Exercite and FlexIt.

* Offers entertainment options like Fun Mirror and Home Dance by 1M.

* Slim design with magnetic connectors, blending discreetly with compatible LG Smart TVs.

* Integrated cover safeguards users from potential security breaches.

* Currently available in LG’s online stores in Korea and the US, with plans for a global rollout.

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