LifeLong ventures into the IoT products category

Life Long IoT

Home-grown consumer durable company LifeLong has ventured into the Internet of Things (IoT) category with its smart home solutions. LifeLong’s IoT products are designed to manage electrical appliances and are launching in three main categories: sensors and detectors, lights and fans, and gadgets and appliances. While the products will initially be sourced from China, the company plans to shift manufacturing to India once revenue picks up. 

“What makes the Lifelong IoT range different is how our products address common problems. They manage electrical appliances, ensure judicious usage of electrical appliances, and make homes more secure. For example, Lifelong was the first to address a common lacuna in smart bulb designs. We designed our smart bulb to automatically light up once the electricity is restored after a power failure. Even the smart water leakage detector uses a simple design to address the common problem of the overhead water tank overflow,” Lifelong Online India CEO and co-founder Bharat Kalia said.

The sensors and detectors category will include gas, door, water leakage, and smoke detectors, while the lights and fans segment includes switches, plugs, IR blaster, and strip lights. The company also plans to launch a robot clear and smart body fat scale under its gadgets and appliances categories. The IoT products are built for India and tailored to meet local conditions, Kalia said. According to the company’s in-house research, there is a high demand for these products in tier 1 and tier 2 markets. With aggressive pricing, the company anticipates a quick penetration in tier 3 and 4 markets.

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