Marantz CINEMA Series: Dedicated to satisfying users

Marantz CINEMA Series: Dedicated to satisfying users

Marantz®, a renowned audio brand, has launched the Marantz CINEMA Series, a new lineup of premium yet easy-to-install home theatre products. The brand set a new benchmark for high-end performance, impeccable sound quality, feature-rich design, and beautiful styling. Consisting of a flagship immersive preamp/processor with a matching 16-channel amplifier and four AV receivers, the CINEMA Series indulges movie and audio aficionados with the most superior, and stunning, at-home listening experience possible.

“The CINEMA Series is the convergence of three unmistakable characteristics of Marantz heritage – exceptionally high performance, meticulous build quality, and elegant timeless design,” said Joel Sietsema, Marantz and Classé president. “The most discerning cinephiles and audiophiles will appreciate the CINEMA Series’ immersive sound experience, expertly crafted for the dedicated home theatre. Those who desire both form and function will equally appreciate the display-worthy artisan craftsmanship that elevates any luxury living space.”

All CINEMA Series AVRs boast superb performance and a powerful 3D soundscape thanks to the latest immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, plus 8K video available on multiple inputs, room optimization available on multiple inputs, and additional features designed to enhance the at-home entertainment experience.

The CINEMA Series AVRs’ HEOS® built-in technology supports a multi-room set-up, so users can still enjoy their favourite music, podcasts or sports from popular streaming providers or personal music libraries– connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay 2. It looks as good as it sounds, too, exuding a modern expression of timeless design synonymous with the Marantz heritage, including the iconic porthole display and other elegant visual cues.

As a bonus for installers and end users, the all-new high-definition graphical user interface and voice compatibility make setup and operation quite intuitive. Installers also get access to a variety of new features including CI mode which protects certain settings and reduces the likelihood of service calls due to user error.

The CINEMA Series complete lineup will consist of:

AV 10 and AMP 10: The CINEMA Series’ apex products, the AV 10 and AMP 10 provide the ultimate foundation for your home theatre. Built on the Marantz exclusive HDAM technology, the AV 10 and AMP 10 work together to create an elite, reference-level entertainment system, with the 16-channel amplification of the AMP 10 perfectly matched by the discrete circuitry and seven HDMI inputs of the AV 10. Seamlessly in sync, the duo brings the best cinematic sound home to you.

CINEMA 40: The Marantz CINEMA 40 is an 11.4-channel processor, with nine channels of 125-watts per channel amplification premium AVR, ideal for a fully dedicated and immersive home theatre proving to be the ultimate movie experience. The aluminium front panel is pure luxury to the touch and that extends to every aspect of its build.

CINEMA 50: The Marantz CINEMA 50 is an 11.4 channel processor, with nine channels of 110-watts per channel amplification AVR, perfect for discerning movie and music enthusiasts seeking to create an immersive home theatre with rich tonal qualities and lifelike dynamics.

CINEMA 60: The Marantz CINEMA 60 is a 7.2 channel, with 100-watts per channel amplification 8K AVR that is ideally suited for dedicated home theatre applications as well as multi-purpose media rooms of any size.

CINEMA 70s: The Marantz CINEMA 70s is a slim 7.2 channel, with 50-watts per channel amplification, 8K AVR that is ideally suited for smaller living spaces, compact media consoles, or crowded A/V racks.


The CINEMA Series lineup will become available at the end of October and will begin with the availability of the CINEMA 50 and 60 AVRs.

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