Nooie’s Versatile Smart Camera Features A Detachable Base.

Nooie, the premium, award-winning smart home innovator, announced its ‘everywhere’, security camera. The new Cam Pro was designed to be used, moved, and powered anywhere . Its detachable magnetic base and 3 flexible powering options support the powerful 2K camera in a nature-inspired outer shell blending seamlessly in any environment.

“We want our customers to feel the freedom to decide on their own what Cam Pro can do for them,” said Sasha Tseng, CEO at Nooie. “We are excited to see all the potential uses for Cam Pro that our customers come up with,” she added.

The Nooie Cam Pro’s innovative swiveling mounting bracket is a breakthrough advantage for users. Cam Pro can be easily detached from the mounting bracket with just a simple pull and placed on another bracket or standalone without a bracket – meaning switching locations is a breeze. The Cam Pro can be pointed in any direction in the precise direction desired, fitting into various surroundings while providing the perfect point of view.

The wired option offers easy conventional use, while the powerful 5,000 mAh battery can run for months without charging for use where outlets are not available, while the solar panel array (available later in Q4) can provide power to the Cam Pro indefinitely.

The core of the Cam Pro is a superior camera with 2K resolution (2560*1440 pixels) capable of 8x zoom and night vision. The Cam Pro’s camera unit is powered by a high-performance T31Z chipset and SC3335 sensor for enhanced image processing, delivering crystal clear images and video that can be stored locally or in Nooie’s cloud storage for easy and fast sharing. The included base station has a chime function and can also support up to four connected Cam Pro’s at a time to create an expanded home network. 

Key Features:

  • Detachable magnetic mount
  • 2K High-resolution camera
  • 3 Different power solutions: wired, battery, and solar
  • Customizable, non-intrusive notifications
  • Included doorbell chime base station
  • Nature-inspired design aesthetic
  • Flexible cloud or local SD card storage options
  • Secure two-way audio
  • Spotlight functionality

About Nooie Inc.

Founded in Spring 2018, Nooie was created by a team of smart home experts who are motivated to create stylish, intuitive, and secure devices to improve everyday life at a price everyone can afford. Nooie products are available for purchase at the Nooie Store.To know more please visit 

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