Revolutionary iX4 Touch Panel Now Available Globally!

After generating waves of anticipation, the highly-anticipated iX4 – 4’’ KNX Touch Panel has finally hit the global market. Boasting a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, the iX4 has captivated audiences worldwide, promising to revolutionize the way we interact with our living spaces.

Available in a spectrum of captivating colours, the iX4 offers an unparalleled level of customization. While the device itself comes in classic black or timeless white, its rear case presents an array of six vibrant color options. This ensures that not only does it enhance the functionality of your smart home, hotel, or office, but also adds a touch of personal flair to match your unique style and preferences.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the iX4 is packed with advanced features designed to elevate your living experience. Equipped with built-in sensors for proximity, air quality, temperature, light intensity, and humidity, it provides real-time insights into your environment, ensuring optimal comfort and well-being at all times.

From managing music playback to adjusting lighting settings, regulating thermostats to monitoring energy consumption, the iX4 offers comprehensive control over every aspect of building automation. Each function is seamlessly integrated into specialized pages, ensuring effortless navigation and intuitive operation. With additional features like a temporary screen lock for cleaning and password protection, security and peace of mind are guaranteed.

With the iX4, the future of smart living is now within reach. Choose your preferred color, elevate your living space, and embrace a new era of innovation and convenience. Join the global community of iX4 users and experience the pinnacle of smart home technology today!

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