JUNG Adds New Functions to LS TOUCH

The KNX room controller LS TOUCH received an extensive function update. An optimised menu structure with selectable operating levels also enables the control of hotel rooms, meeting rooms or offices. Different operating levels can be offered depending on the project type.

Key Highlights: 

Control of Split Units

LS TOUCH now also controls split units. The setpoint temperature can be set individually, the operating mode can be switched and the fan speed can be adjusted. The internal controller can automatically switch a split unit On and Off for heating or cooling.

Labelling of Functions

It is now possible to label the functions at the favourites level. Depending on the space available, either the full name or an abbreviation is displayed. This makes it easier to assign the functions beyond the icons.

More Favourites Pages

Up to five Favourite pages with a maximum of four functions each can be created – by the system integrator via the parameterisation in the ETS or by the user in the settings on the device.

New icons in the favourites level show the statuses of the lighting and shading functions – with up to five different symbols per function. For example, the position of an external venetian blind can be seen immediately.

Display values

A measured value or a switching status can be displayed on the favourites page. This means that LS TOUCH can also be used as a display element for statuses in addition to a control point.

Changing the setpoint temperature

Depending on whether the device is used in residential or commercial areas, the corresponding ratio can be defined: It is possible to maintain or reset a setpoint temperature change after changing the operating mode.

Versatile Colour Selection

The LS TOUCH is permanently connected to a frame of the JUNG LS 990 or LS ZERO switch ranges and is available in various materials and colours. The unique real-me-tall variants of the ranges ideally match the design of LS TOUCH. LS ZERO enables flush installation. Both ranges are available in 63 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. The matching background colour is stored in the user interface for each frame colour.


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