Sonus Faber and IsoAcoustics collaborate on Suprema Sound System

Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber has partnered with IsoAcoustics on a new ultra-high-end speaker system, Suprema. This model promises to deliver a supreme, ‘unsurpassed’ sonic experience. The full-range system consists of two ten-driver columns in the signature Sonus Faber lute shape, originally introduced with Guarneri in 1993. Two subwoofers complete the design.

Sonus Faber has also elevated their system by working with IsoAcoustics. To avoid any interferences impacting the quality of its 16-40 kHz range, IsoAcoustics worked on an innovative, integrated suspension system for Suprema.

The multi-level suspension system between the cabinet and baseplate in the towers and subwoofers means no resonance from supporting structures. IsoAcoustics patented GAIA-Capsule isolators are designed to decouple devices, meaning they do not make contact and keep the pure sonic vibrations contained and untainted.

The system also features IsoAcoustics’ GAIA-Capsule technology. The acoustic isolation means the sound is not negatively impacted by foreign frequencies, ultimately removing the threat of smeared or blurred sound.

“We used to have a decoupling system outside of the main body, but that solution with exposed springs or elastomers was always a compromise for us,” IsoAcoustic’s Chief Design Officer Livio Cucuzza explains. “With Suprema we wanted to keep the design cleaner and more integrated. We had the opportunity to develop a system with IsoAcoustics that is part of the main structure.”

“IsoAcoustics achieve this great performance in the mid-high frequencies where everything becomes clearer without losing dynamics on bass,” Livio explains. “IsoAcoustics is more precise, more refined, and everything in the soundstage is more clearly localized. We are really happy with the results.”

The release of the Suprema system also marks Sonus Faber’s 40th anniversary. It comes in a customisable range of wood and leather finishes.

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