Unveiling Audio Excellence: RP22 Workshop Resonates in Mumbai

RP22 Workshop Achieves Remarkable Success in Audio Excellence in Mumbai.
RP22 Workshop Achieves Remarkable Success in Audio Excellence in Mumbai.

Mumbai witnessed an exceptional gathering of 26 industry professionals at the RP22 Immersive Audio Design Course on 28 and 29 November 2023 with support from headline sponsor, Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and associate sponsor, Mahkam Poorviaum. Hosted by the esteemed Peter Aylett, a renowned industry veteran and Partner at Officina Acustica, the event was further enriched by Aylett’s role as the CTA/CEDIA R10 Standards Committee Chair.

“To sit down with Peter, the man who chaired the entire [RP22 creation] process through the years and put in all this hard work – you just couldn’t ask for a better person,” said Mr. Aditya Gupta, Managing Director at CCI Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.

The RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice emerged as a result of close collaboration between approximately 40 global experts over 30,000 volunteer hours. This collective effort was subjected to rigorous peer review and developed under ANSI guidelines.

The main objective of RP22 revolves around achieving measurable outcomes through design. When RP22 is implemented, it ensures that the user understands their investment, the integrator delivers as expected, and the manufacturer’s product excels in its intended design. Crucially, RP22 remains product and format agnostic, concentrating solely on defining objective performance targets for audio systems and room design across private entertainment spaces.

Like the other RP22 workshops hosted around the world, the Mumbai session centered around the introduction of groundbreaking guidelines outlined in the CEDIA/CTA RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice. Aylett delved into the four newly defined levels of performance that distinctly delineate various immersive experiences.

The audience included integrators, distributors, manufacturers, consultants, and professionals keen on standards-based private entertainment space design. Participants were expected to bring their expertise to the table, ensuring the sessions were advanced and fruitful for all involved.

Adopting a “teach, then do” approach, the workshop provided a truly immersive experience. Participants, all adept cinema designers with a strong foundation in performance engineering, engaged in small group activities. These exercises aimed to apply the RP22 guidelines to real-world scenarios.

“At the RP22 workshop, we learned some of the finest measurement levels to help us create more valuable cinema rooms,” said Mr. Vijay Maurya, CEO at Ultavo Theatres & Tunes Pvt. Ltd. “This document and accompanying workshop will give us a cutting-edge difference from other cinema designers in our region.”

The RP22 Immersive Audio Design Course in Mumbai was a testament to industry collaboration and commitment to defining and implementing objective engineering practices in private entertainment space design. The shared knowledge and experiences promise to elevate the future of immersive audio experiences in the region.

Continuing the momentum generated by the RP22 Immersive Audio Design Course, CEDIA plans to host more workshops in India in 2024. Stay up to date at cedia.org/events.

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