Elevating Lifestyle and Convenience with Cutting-Edge Smart Home Technology

Avenue Sound skillfully blends state-of-the-art Smart Home Technology, achieving a refined equilibrium between visibility and concealment.

More often than not, we see Smart Homes where the technology must work with or around the design and decor of each room. This plush 4BHK apartment located in Bandra, Mumbai overlooking the panoramic view of the Sealink was no exception. For this Tech Savvy family, the aesthetics of the home was as important as the functionality and performance of the Smart Home Technology. The family wanted to have complete control over their home and the technology but without it being too complicated.

Mumbai-Based Avenue Sound took on the challenge of this whole-home install. Ashish Hingorani, Director, Avenue Sound adds,“As our clients are tech savvy and have been using smart home solution for many years, the goal was to create a state-of-the-art integrated smart home which is customized to their likes and adapted to their changing needs with three kids at home.”

Explaining the technicalities Ashish says, “The main focus of this Smart Home was to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into the living space that serves dual purposes—hosting match-watching events and entertaining guests. The unique challenge lay in harmonizing a large projection screen and projector discreetly within the room, striking a delicate balance between visibility and concealment.” 

The team also had to focus on the lighting and window treatments, and their fundamental impact on the rest of the decor. The team worked towards integrating a system where at the press of a button, there is a change in the lighting scene and lowering or raising a fabric over the window that would transform the ambience of the room. Ashish further adds, “The challenge on our part was to give the family this power to control their environment without making it complicated, clunky, or worse, unreliable.”

Balancing Aesthetics and Technology

As Avenue Sound has been working with the clients for many years, they were very clear on the client’s requirements. They have built a robust automation design which would allow them full control of their home and customization at their fingertips. Using Savant Home Automation, they were able to provide them with an attractive user interface which could control their Lighting, Audio/Video, Security, HVAC, Window Shadings and also let them create and edit their own scenes to ensure they had complete control of how their home operated based on their experience with the home. “We also integrated digital touch screen keypads from Ekinex which remained completely in sync with the smart home. In case a scene was modified using the Savant Interface, the same scene would automatically be updated and remain in sync with the keypads as well.” explains Ashish.

The team has provided Ekey Biometric Access for their entrances and Master Wardrobe along with slim CCTV cameras and distinguished motion sensors that allows seamless blend of technology with design. Speakers and Subwoofers by Netherland-based Gray Sound became almost invisible in the ceiling so that no one was able to locate where the sound was coming from. “The most challenging part was concealing a short throw projector in the middle of the ceiling of the Living Room and ensuring it drops in the perfect location just ahead of the large chandelier to fill a 120-inch Projection Screen.” Says Ashish.

Smart Home Controls 

Ekinex’s Signum Keypad, (Ekinex EK-EV2-TP) an Italian marvel known for its aesthetic appeal and robust design, offered diverse keypad options. The Signum keypad transcends the conventional push-button paradigm, allowing clients to create dynamic screens akin to a smartphone home screen. With up to 5 pages and 6 customizable buttons each, the Signum seamlessly integrates every aspect of a smart home, from lighting to security, offering functionality with a touch of Italian sophistication.

Effortless Somfy Motorized Curtains 

As a part of the design narrative the system Integrator has seamlessly integrated Somfy automatic motorized curtains, elevating convenience to unprecedented levels. Homeowners can effortlessly command the curtains through a smartphone app or a single remote control, adding a touch of modern sophistication to their living spaces.

Multizone Audio Distribution

The Masterpiece that takes center stage in this project with its cutting-edge Multizone Audio Distribution solution, featuring The Gray Sound’s C40 and S80. This harmonious blend of high-quality materials and precision engineering creates an immersive auditory experience. Powering this sonic masterpiece is the AudioControl M4800, The Director, an 8-channel multi-zone network matrix amplifier designed for compact spaces.

Enhancing the Audio Experience with AudioControl M4800 the Director M4800 is a powerhouse, delivering a minimum of 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 200 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms. Its compact design is ideal for installations with limited space, and extensive protection features ensure the longevity of speakers, creating a transformative audio experience.

Overall Avenue Sound has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology, aesthetics, and functionality, transforming living spaces into modern, intelligent hubs. Each element, from innovative projectors to sophisticated keypads and motorized curtains, plays a crucial role in creating an immersive and sophisticated living experience for the Tech Savvy client.

Tech Insights: 

Architecture & Interior Designer: SHROFFLEóN

Systems Integrator: Avenue Sound PVT LTD

Automation System Used: Savant

Smart Lighting: Panasonic

Security Cameras: Unifi/Ubiquiti U6-LITE-US

Projectors: Optoma 4k400STx

Projector Screen: Screen Innovations SOT120PG-CADG-12S-LVRTS 120″ (59×105) – (16:9) – Slate Gray 1.2 {MOTORIZED SCREEN}

Projector Lift: Tono Systems Real Slim Two (Projector Lift drops 1 feet in 24″x24″ frame for upto 30 kgs)

Power Management: SurgeX SX-AX10Ei

Video Doorbird: DoorBird D101

Amplifier: AudioControl M4800

Sound System: Gray Sound C40, Gray Sound S80

Sensors: Tense KNX_MOTIB

Biometrics: Ekey Access Control

Smart Locks: Archimax AAML 100.60.1 (Magnetic Lock)

Keypad: Ekinex EK-EV2-TP

Networking Devices used: Ubiquiti U6-LITE-US

Curtain Motor: Somfy

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