Modo Technologies introduces two prominent brands that redefine smart living – Loxone and Aqara

Modo Technologies specializes in offering a holistic range of automation services, meticulously crafted to provide a personalized home automation experience aligned with the distinct preferences of each client. Their collaborative partnerships, client-centric ethos, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products and services streamline the journey for clients seeking the luxury and comfort afforded by bespoke technology solutions. Over the years, Modo Technologies has cultivated enduring relationships with major technology companies, earning commendations for their exceptional services and the caliber of their work.

CEO & Founder Hasaan Kadli expresses, “Our smart home solutions are designed for simplicity, catering to every home, office, and diverse living environments. By seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle, we enhance convenience, comfort, and deliver exhilarating experiences.”

Modo Technologies goes beyond mere convenience, providing smart home systems engineered to make living spaces not only more comfortable and convenient but also more secure. With effortless access and control of all electrical gadgets at your fingertips, Modo Technologies empowers users to manage their environments seamlessly. The company remains dedicated to delivering affordable products, ensuring that the benefits of a smart home are accessible to everyone.

Positioning itself as a leading solution provider, Modo Technologies was founded with a mission to offer innovative and comprehensive automation, networking, and security solutions. Hasaan Kadli, CEO & Founder, Modo Technologies emphasizes, “Our services are dedicated to satisfying end-users through the consistent delivery of high-quality products. Despite being relatively young in the industry, we embrace continuous evolution, incorporating new products into our offerings daily. This evolution is made possible through our strategic technology partnerships, allowing us to break new ground, achieve overall client satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.”

Modo Technologies partners with two leading brands Loxone and Aqara, Smart Home World gives you an overview on the solution and services they offer. 


Modo Technologies has forged a strategic partnership with Loxone, a distinguished Austrian brand recognized as their esteemed Loxone Gold Partner. Renowned for delivering authentic smart automation, Loxone sets itself apart by operating seamlessly without the reliance on manual switches or constant mobile device control.

An outstanding feature of Loxone lies in its unparalleled customizability, providing a tailored automation experience that precisely aligns with individual preferences. Typically integrated into project walls with a combination of wired and wireless capabilities, Loxone systems effortlessly adapt and enhance the environment.

The intelligence of Loxone goes beyond mere functionality; it learns and adapts to users’ routines, dynamically adjusting for optimal comfort and efficiency. Covering a broad spectrum of automated aspects such as lights, shading, energy management, plumbing, music and audio, access control, security, room management, EV vehicle charging, door and window sensing, and temperature control, Loxone utilizes presence sensors as the primary means of control.

Loxone stands out as a versatile home automation and control solution applicable to smart homes, offices, hotels, and various other projects. The Loxone Miniserver intelligently connects all components into one ecosystem, offering solutions for diverse applications, from smart lighting to zoned heating. A Loxone Smart Home intuitively caters to your daily routines, creating the right atmosphere with lighting moods, playing personalized music in each room, and ensuring optimal temperature levels. Moreover, Loxone contributes to increased energy efficiency without compromising privacy, as all sensitive data remains within the user’s premises.

As one of the only authorized partners of Loxone in India, Modo Technologies opens the door to a fully automated smart space tailored to your unique requirements.


Modo Technologies exclusively serves as the authorized distributor for Aqara devices in India, offering you the opportunity to intelligently control your home, office, or living space. With the simple combination of a hub and Aqara devices, transforming your space into a smart environment becomes effortlessly achievable. Aqara provides a comprehensive home automation platform, featuring wireless devices such as light fixtures, window/shade controls, control surfaces, security alarms, sensors, audio devices, and more.

The Aqara system operates on a decentralized model and seamlessly integrates with popular smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. This compatibility ensures a streamlined and user-friendly experience for managing your smart devices.

Aqara’s rapid global expansion is evident through its presence in various retail outlets, including Apple Stores in different regions. Modo Technologies brings this innovative and expansive range of Aqara devices to the Indian market, empowering users to elevate their living spaces into efficient and connected smart environments.

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