Shelly Set to Launch Next Generation Products at CES 2024

Shelly Group, a provider of IoT and smart building solutions based in Sofia, Bulgaria, announces the launch of its highly anticipated Gen3 products at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024. The new IoT devices are designed to reshape how users interact with their smart homes and businesses, offering more memory, compatibility, and extended functionalities.

More memory, More Power 

The Gen3 series ensures quality and reliability by using Shelly’s own powerful new chip. Boasting 8MB of memory, this dramatically improves device performance and efficiency. This significant increase in memory not only guarantees smoother and faster operation but also equips the Gen3 series for the introduction of new capabilities. 

Unified Control with Virtual Components

The Gen3 Series introduces “virtual components”, transforming how users manage and control 3rd party devices. Within the Shelly Smart Control app, consumers can now create virtual devices, integrating non-Shelly products into a unified control system. This feature provides streamlined control of all users’ smart devices, regardless of brand, from a single interface.

On the Road to Matter

Each Gen3 device is engineered to be upgradable to Matter – an industry–unifying standard, promising reliable and secure connectivity. With double the memory, * all Gen3 devices guarantee a smooth update process, while paving the way for new smart capabilities and integrations. 

With a focus on enhancing the user experience, Shelly has listened to the needs and feedback of its growing community of users. Through its dedication to innovation, the company takes the next important step towards revolutionizing the way users live and work, creating a space where convenience, security, and energy efficiency go hand in hand.  

“We are thrilled to showcase our next generation products at CES 2024.” said Dimitar Dimitrov, Co-CEO of Shelly Group. “With increased memory capacity and enhanced capabilities, users can experience enhanced product functionalities and reliability of our devices. These new products mark a significant milestone for us as we continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower our users to create truly smart homes and businesses.”

“We feel confident in achieving our targets not only in terms of annual revenue, but also in the number of products that we delivered. We are growing faster than the market, and that puts us in a position where we can offer our clients and partners the best solutions for their needs due to our short idea to market process. In 2023, we achieved our medium-term targets of revenue of more than EUR 200.0 million and we are well positioned to achieve EBIT of more than EUR 50.0 million by the end of 2026.”, adds Wolfgang Kirsch, Co-CEO of Shelly Group. 

At CES 2024, Shelly Group will present more than 10 products, some of which with Z-wave wireless communication protocol, to answer the growing needs of its US customers. 

One of the flagship products is Shelly H&T Gen3, the next generation Wi-Fi humidity and temperature smart sensor that accurately tracks temperature and humidity, both essential for a healthy home environment. It features an e-paper graphic display, for seamless climate control in your living space. Shelly H&T Gen3 will amaze users with exceptional experience. Equipped with the Shelly chip, featuring 8MB of memory, it doubles the efficiency and responsiveness of the previous generation. The leap in memory capacity prepares Gen3 devices for extended features, provides smoother operation and quicker responses, ensuring your environment is monitored with unparalleled precision and ease.  

Another highly anticipated product series that Shelly Group will present are Shelly Mini Gen3 Series. Designed with convenience in mind, these mini relays have all the capabilities of the Gen3 devices but in a space-saving form. With their size reduced to 35% of the Shelly Plus devices (e.g. Shelly Plus 1 Mini), the products are perfect for those tight spaces where traditional relays simply won’t fit. Despite their small size, the Shelly Mini Gen3 devices do not compromise on performance or functionality. Among the smallest relays in the world, these Gen3 devices allow users to automate their lights, garage door, irrigation system, or other small electrical appliances in less than 10 minutes and control them from anywhere. Small enough to fit behind any wall switch or socket, these Shelly Mini Gen3 devices can be retrofitted and are highly compatible with many existing smart ecosystems.   

Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US is the Z-wave product that will hit the U.S. market following CES to meet the needs of local users. Shelly Qubino is a line of innovative microprocessor-managed devices that allows remote control of electric appliances with a smartphone, tablet, PC, or home automation system. They work on Z-Wave™ wireless communication protocol, using a gateway. With Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US users can control a wide range of home appliances and office equipment (lights, power lines, security systems, heating radiators, air conditioners, etc.) from anywhere with even greater use.

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