Symphony of Specialized Lighting & Design

Symphony of Specialized Lighting & Design
Symphony of Specialized Lighting & Design

Neha Bora has intricately crafted a sensory experience for T’Qila, employing her expertise in Lighting Automation.

Neha Bora, Principal Consultant, Synoda Electricals, is a seasoned professional renowned for her expertise in the lighting automation industry. Over the years she has worked on various projects in different segments. One of her noteworthy projects is the T’Qila; through this project, she exemplifies the importance of lighting. 

Located in the beautiful scenic Dehradun valley, T’Qila stands as a distinctive resto-bar, drawing inspiration from the regal splendour of ancient Indian forts and palaces. “Understanding that a memorable dining experience engages all the senses, T’Qila has meticulously curated an ambiance that captivates all your senses,” explains Neha Bora, Principal Consultant, Synoda Electricals. 

Further adding her insights, she says, “Perfect lighting in a resto-bar creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to space. We worked with S R LED Mumbai for all our lighting requirements and opted for ABB Lighting Controllers and Dimmers.” 

Creating Perfect Ambience

As described by the designer lighting takes center stage, playing a pivotal role in not only enhancing the space but also establishing an emotive and interactive connection with patrons. The design philosophy is a symphony of elements, utilizing wall washing to accentuate the charm of ancient-inspired tiles. Zoned lighting cleverly imparts a sense of privacy to tables in expansive areas, while a dynamic interplay of colours serves as a captivating eye-catcher. Linear lights beneath bottles add a touch of brilliance, complemented by theme-based decorative chandeliers.

The lighting architecture is carefully curated blending various fixtures, each chosen with precision to align with the ancient theme. LED profiles gracefully run along the walls, offering a consistent and ambient glow. Chandeliers, carefully selected to echo the project’s historical inspiration, cast an enchanting aura. Pixel RGB LED rigid bars infuse dynamicity, while spotlights strategically create zones, highlighting both tables and the artistic creations of the interior designer. A gobo projector at the entrance serves as a welcoming beacon and fiber optics grace the rooftop area with a touch of sophistication.

“Colour temperatures play a crucial role in setting the mood, predominantly using 2700K for warmth and selectively incorporating 3500K in areas with art featuring blue hues. The versatility of T’Qila extends to its varied setups – from the tranquil ambiance of Sufi nights to the vibrant energy of DJ nights and the private allure of a restaurant setup. This adaptability is facilitated by a sophisticated control system, featuring preset scenes meticulously crafted by us,” says Neha.  

In the pursuit of sustainability, T’Qila opted for high-quality LEDs and drivers to minimize electricity wastage. Daytime illumination is thoughtfully moderated at 30% intensity, capitalizing on the ample natural light filtering through the glass glazing.

While not employing networking solutions for lighting control, the design prioritizes user-friendliness. The bar staff, stationed near the kitchen area, can effortlessly manage lighting through a central panel. All fixtures are movable, offering flexibility for changes in furniture setups, and provisions have been made to seamlessly integrate additional lights in the future.

The challenges faced in planning the lighting design were met with ingenuity, harmonizing functional aspects with the unique architecture and gastronomic concept of the bar. The result is an emotionally resonant space, where the distributed lighting concept with dynamic elements breathes life into wall carvings, contemporary furnishings, and the overall ambiance of T’Qila.

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