The All-New Polk Signature Elite Series Brought To You By PRO FX

Next Generation, High-Resolution Home Theatre & Hi-Fi Loudspeakers that Elevate Entertainment to the Elite Level

The all-new Elite Series from the world’s leading speaker brand Polk Audio, has taken their top selling Signature sound and reimagined and re-engineered it to take home entertainment to a whole new level. What they have turned out is a range of speakers that delivers room-filling, high-resolution, cinematic sound with effortless bass, and, importantly, at great value for money. Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie or a TV show, or playing the latest game, you’ll enjoy a most realistic immersive experience, and the full impact of every nuance of their special, multi-dimensional audio effects.

The Elite series is built of three Floor Standers, two Centre Speakers, two Bookshelfs, and one Wall-mountable Surround Speaker. With sleek, clean line contours to complement any décor.

The speakers in the Elite range are all timbre-matched, Hi-Res Audio Certified, accessibly-priced, and built to exceed Polk’s rigorous quality-testing process. This ensures a clear, enveloping presentation of audiophile recordings, gaming content, or the latest Dolby Atmos or DTS:X surround soundtracks.

Powerful Technology.

Each Elite speaker is equipped with mica-fortified, polypropylene woofers and Terylene dome tweeters. All speakers in the range also feature Polk’s patented Power Port technology, which increases bass output by as much as 3dB as compared to conventional ported loudspeakers. It also eliminates port noise, turbulence, and distortion for louder, deeper, more musical bass and a more open and transparent midrange.

Unbeatable Design.

The re-designed cabinets are made of acoustically inert Medite MDF, with laser-optimized bracing to reduce undesirable resonance and internal standing waves for less coloration and distortion of your sound. Gold-plated five-way binding posts ensure the most direct, efficient, and lossless connection possible.

Centres that give you more detail in your favourite music and movies

The centre channels in the Elite series include the ES30 and ES35 and they tuck in right below your TV to provide big-speaker sound without blocking your viewing area or IR Remote. The ES35’s flexible, wall-mountable design enables it to also be used as left, right, or surround channels for amazing home theatre sound that doesn’t require floor or shelf space. Signature Elite ES35’s Dynamically Balanced, seven-driver acoustic array with phase optimized, cascaded crossovers ensures focused dialogue that blends perfectly with other Signature Elite speakers. 

Ultimately, Signature Elite Series is the latest of Polk’s best-in-class loudspeakers that are backed by numerous awards and patents. Designed at their original Acoustic Research and Development facility in Owings Mills, Maryland, it represents the culmination of 50 years of premium loudspeaker engineering and continuous innovation.

PROFX, a specialist audio-video, and automation company was founded in 2000 in Bangalore, India. It was one of the first AV brands in the country to focus on specific requirements of the audiophile community, introducing them to a world-class audio and video experience.
The company’s philosophy, right from the start, has been to create experiences that are designed to delight the customer. With a mission is to always give the highest value for the product or solution, through personalized care and service. Customers understand the significance of the PRO FX experience because it helps them to realize their entertainment aspirations with little effort. For more information about PROFX , please visit

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