The Home-Cinema-Spree is on! Mahavir Sound Room

The Home-Cinema-Spree is on!

The market for high-end Home Cinemas/Theatres has started growing drastically post-pandemic. With most of the movies now being released on OTT and a considerably good internet speed that allows one to stream 4 k movies without buffering, home cinemas have become a must-have amenity in numerous houses.

Mr. Jaleel Sabir, Founder, Mahavir Soundroom, Hyderabad, speaks on the current market scenario of smart home products, especially in the entertainment category.

The Home-Cinema-Spree is on!

How much did the pandemic affect the industry?

It has affected the industry a lot but in a positive way. We had many clients who wanted to upgrade their home cinemas and many on-going projects wanted us to finish it up fast.

Who are your Target Groups?

We only cater to HNIs with their upcoming bungalows, villas and farmhouses. We believe in offering the best experience to our clients and integrate technology into the design of their homes. We make even the most complex technologies so simple that every member of the family can easily use it.

What are the most common challenges your industry often faces?

Half knowledge – Many in our industry claim to know everything. Even electricians today execute projects. You can’t buy the best parts and give it to a mechanic to build a Mercedes Benz. You need to find the right certified and trained installer for the job. It’s not about buying the most expensive system but it’s all about getting the right person on board to do the job. This is the biggest challenge today in our industry. They want to buy the most expensive system but don’t want to pay for the qualified and certified services.

Which product or service of yours witness highest demand in the luxury home automation segment? Why do you think it is so?

Interfaces, which are the only thing which is visually seen in a smart home are the key pads and the well-designed graphic user interface (GUI). Many of my clients spend a lot on good looking keypads from Belgium and Germany and also select the best organized GUI.

How do you foresee the industry-growth 8-10 years down the line?

I see a tremendous growth in the industry in the coming years. In few years all the unqualified installers and cheap products would be shown the doors as people would soon realize the importance of getting the right person to do the job. Now with Cedia offering certified courses for the integration industry I am sure we will have many qualified installers doing the right job and taking the growth of this industry to next level.

What according to you is the most fascinating part of being in this industry?

The most fascinating part of this industry for me is that this industry is ever-evolving and every day there is something new coming up. Hence, this always keeps us on a learning spree about new technologies and how we can integrate it to provide the best solution for our clients. 

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