This World Environment Day, Tata Power Introduces a New AI-Powered Smart Home Automation Energy Solutions.

Tata Power Ez Home

Tata Power, one of India’s largest integrated power companies, under its Home Automation range ‘Tata Power EZ Home’, announced the launch of a new AI-Powered PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor to provide smart energy solutions to help consumers conserve energy and reduce their electricity bills, reinforcing its #DoGreen pledge. This announcement was made on the 5th of June, which was also World Environment Day.

The PIR Motion Sensor can operate the associated appliance based on the presence of human motion within a 5-metre range. As per the BEE study report, the Tata Power EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor has the potential to save up to 40% on the consumption of associated home appliances. The Sensor, along with other existing EZ Home offerings, is in line with the new government recommendations for mandating Energy Efficiency Code compliance for residential buildings.

Speaking about AI-enabled energy solutions, The Tata Power Spokesperson said, “We’re excited to introduce our AI-Powered PIR Motion Sensor to mark the World Environment Day. Through the use of these AI sensors, our discerning customers will be able to make informed decisions about energy conservation and its optimization, and join us in our #DoGreen mission.”

Tata Power EZ Home also offers a variety of home automation IoT based products like modular switches, converters, controllers, etc., which provide end-users with comfort and convenience to operate and control their home appliances from anywhere. With the unique energy analytics features, the products also provide end-users with data on their actual and predicted consumption at various levels (product level, room level, and home level). The real-time data also helps customers remain in the concerned tariff slab and helps them realize their savings. The Tata Power EZ Home mobile app also displays information that cross-compares energy usage vis-à-vis a star-rated electric appliance in the same category. This cross-comparison helps identify any efficiency issues, indicating maintenance measures for the device.

Tata Power EZ Home solutions offer smart and user-friendly product ranges which can be easily installed without changing the existing electrical setup. Customers can either install the Tata Power EZ Home app or operate the products with the simple touch of a button on their smartphone or through voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant or through a remote, thereby turning every switch and appliance into a connected device.

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