“Tivoli Audio offers traditional craftsmanship, functionality and cutting-edge technology in their Audio products.”

Paul De Pasquale, CEO of Tivoli Audio Global shares his keen passion for innovation, music, and design. Paul has been heading Tivoli Audio in creating cutting-edge and design-centric audio products that redefine the intersection of style and sound. Under his leadership, Tivoli Audio has set new standards in the audio industry. In an exclusive interview with Smart Home World, Paul discusses their state-of-the-art audio products and their plans for the Indian market.

Tivoli Audio has been in the industry for around 20 years and you’ve already reached 30 countries. So, what kind of opportunity do you foresee in India?

With our extensive global experience, we have identified common threads that run through many markets in how we represent and position Tivoli Audio. This holds true for the Indian market as well, where we have understood the market dynamics. Our commitment is to provide superior sound quality, innovative audio designs, user-friendly hand controls and high-tech audio products.

For the Indian market, we recognize a unique opportunity. Here, we can be exceptionally open-minded in our approach, exploring diverse strategies and product assortments. By capitalizing on our core strengths and incorporating elements that align with local preferences, we aim to not only maintain but enhance our brand presence. The goal is to experiment with various initiatives that appeal to different segments of the Indian market, ensuring a versatile and dynamic brand experience.

Through your partnership with Alphatec, you launched four Tivoli Audio products namely — Model One BT, Music System Home Gen2, Model One Digital Gen 2 and Revive. What has been the response to these products? Can you share the USP of this product line?   

Alphatec are a very good partner in our journey, they come with their own skill sets and knowledge of the market. This helps and we have planned various proportional activities for this year.  The response to the products launched has been good.

Coming to the USP of each model, the Model One BT boasts a meticulously crafted handmade wood cabinet that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also serves as an acoustically inert housing, ensuring optimal sound quality. Featuring a tuner that significantly enhances the clarity of even the weakest stations and Bluetooth capabilities, this radio offers a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality. Despite its simple appearance, the Model One conceals a wealth of cutting-edge technology, delivering superior sound reproduction and reception compared to anything of similar size in its vicinity.

The ART Generation 2, Model One Digital 2, and the Music System Home GenZ merge advanced technology, premium materials, and minimalist style with Tivoli’s renowned audio excellence, these products are designed to elevate your smart home with both sophistication and performance. Keeping the diverse global technology updates, we have equipped our new releases with built-in AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, catering to various Wi-Fi access and audio streaming preferences. Supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, our products offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. Excitingly, we have plans to expand our offerings with various latest compatibilities.

Apart from the residential segment, which are the other segments where your range can be used?

In addition to the residential segment, we have a significant B2B and commercial focus, particularly within the hospitality industry. Collaborating with hotels worldwide, including major groups like Marriott and Starwood, we specialize in providing in-room audio solutions. This involves supplying products such as bedside alarm clocks and in-room audio systems tailored to the specific needs of different hotel segments. Our successful projects extend beyond large hotel chains to encompass numerous boutique hotels. Notably, our work has gained recognition in reputable publications like Wallpaper, further establishing our position in the market. Last year, we also launched a new product in Europe, receiving positive acclaim for its innovative features.

What is the range you plan to get into India from each of these segments?

We are set to introduce several products from our esteemed Classic Collection, representing our heritage line. This collection primarily features radios and FM table radios, all designed with a consistent retro style characterized by wood finishes and a natural aesthetic, delivering a warm and authentic sound.  In addition, our Art Collection, known for its wireless offerings, will showcase all three models: Model One Digital, Model Two Digital, and the Music System Home. Each model within this collection boasts distinct characteristics, varying in size and performance profile. However, they all share common features such as Wi-Fi compatibility, AirPlay connectivity, Google Cast compatibility, and seamless integration with Spotify. This diverse range ensures that consumers can choose from various options, each tailored to specific preferences and needs.

What are some key factors that help Tivoli Audio stand out from the rest of the Indian market? Are there any specific brands that you plan to compete with?

Our brand stands out in the market due to several unique selling points (USPs). Firstly, we prioritize creating special and high-quality products, embodying a unique design that may be perceived as slightly higher in cost. However, we believe in providing a product that offers longevity and a distinctive user experience.

Secondly, we take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, placing a strong emphasis on customer support and service. We aim to ensure that customers receive ongoing assistance and value from their investment in our products, even as technology rapidly evolves.

Lastly, our brand is increasingly adopting a sustainable mindset. While manufacturing can be inherently wasteful, we are making significant changes in our packaging, materials, and post-sales services to minimize environmental impact. Our warranty policies align with consumer laws in each country, and beyond that, we offer extended warranty options, repair services, replacement programs, and even trade-in options for certain product lines. This customer-centric approach reinforces our commitment to providing value and support well beyond the initial purchase.

From the wide range of products, which is the most popular model?

One of the most popular models is Model One Digital Gen 2 which seamlessly merges timeless design with advanced technology to deliver an elevated audio experience. Offering wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi, the speaker allows effortless streaming from popular platforms like Spotify, AirPlay, and Google Cast. The Gen 2 version enhances audio performance, ensuring a clear and rich sound profile for a more immersive listening experience. Intuitive controls maintain Tivoli Audio’s user-friendly design, enabling easy navigation and customization of audio settings. With multi-room capability, users can synchronize multiple units, creating a cohesive audio environment. The Model One Digital Gen 2 also provides versatile connectivity, including traditional options like Bluetooth. True to Tivoli Audio’s heritage, the speaker features a classic aesthetic with wood finishes and a natural look, making it a stylish addition to any interior

How compatible are your Audio Systems with the technicalities?

Tivoli Audio’s latest lineup includes the ART Generation 2, Model One Digital Gen 2, and the Music System Home. These innovations seamlessly blend advanced technology, premium materials, and minimalist style, reflecting Tivoli’s commitment to sophistication and performance in smart home audio.

Our new releases come equipped with AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast built-in, catering to diverse global smart home preferences as mentioned earlier. Leveraging the latest integrated technologies, our product lineup seamlessly integrates with compatible devices through Bluetooth. Whether it’s the classic radio approach or a portable device, Bluetooth connectivity is a standard feature across most of our products. This ensures compatibility with various systems, making our range versatile and easily adaptable to modern connectivity needs.

How competitively are your products priced for the Indian market? Please comment. Do you take customization orders?

Tivoli Audio strategically positions its pricing to offer value beyond what lower-priced Bluetooth speakers provide. While not exclusively targeting the premium category, we cater to customers seeking quality and a unique audio experience.

Customization is part of our ethos. Although we don’t handle custom installations directly, we collaborate with contractors for special projects. For instance, we’ve partnered with boutique hotels like the Ace Hotel Style in Melbourne, Australia, creating customized versions that align with their brand aesthetics. These collaborations allow us to explore diverse colors and styles, making our products adaptable to different environments.

In terms of product launches, we used to introduce a new product annually, aligning with market trends and customer demands. Our approach ensures a balance between innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

In your opinion how will advancements in IoT, AI, and cloud computing will impact consumer audio technologies’ evolution?

The impact of new technologies on Tivoli Audio has been dynamic. While voice-activated products were explored, they didn’t gain significant traction due to perceived limitations and short-lived use cases. Looking ahead, there’s a keen interest in leveraging AI for advanced development processes, particularly in audio products that can measure room acoustics and adjust sound profiles accordingly.

In the context of the hotel business, the focus is shifting towards interconnected products, cloud-based services, and a more customizable guest experience. Tivoli Audio anticipates incorporating these trends into its hotel offerings, aligning with the demand for connected and smart hospitality solutions.

What are your plans for the Indian Market?

As for the Indian market, Tivoli Audio aims not only to establish a presence but also to sustain positive growth. The plan involves introducing their best products to the market and developing offerings tailored to the unique needs and preferences of Indian consumers. The goal is to become a well-known and trusted name in the Indian market, leveraging the potential for expansion and innovation.

Our primary emphasis is on user-friendly features, given that our products are not geared toward high-end standing speakers or complex pro audio systems. We aim to provide an easy and enjoyable experience for users, irrespective of their technical proficiency. Whether someone is tech-savvy or not, our focus remains on ensuring that everyone can effortlessly engage with our products and have a positive experience. 

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