TP-Link’s new Tapo switch with Matter Certification.

TP-Link’s new Tapo switch with Matter Certification.
TP-Link’s new Tapo switch with Matter Certification.

The Matter smart home standard has been slow to add new devices and form factors but, slowly, it’s expanding. Today, the first in-wall light switch with Matter support baked in has launched with TP-Link’s new Tapo switch.

The TP-Link Tapo S505 and S505D are Matter-enabled light switches that you can install into the wall to control traditional lighting fixtures. The standard S505 has support for On/Off, while the S505D, supports a dimmer too.

Both switches work like the rest of TP-Link/Tapo’s light switches. You’ll be able to install it in place of a traditional switch, but a neutral wire is required. That’s pretty common in newer homes, but some older homes may not have that wire available. If you need to check, which you should do before buying, the neutral wire is usually white and typically not used by traditional switches, meaning it sits loosely in the switch box.

These new switches beat past options with local network control (they’re not reliant on an active internet connection to function) and also add support for a new “Away” feature in the Tapo app which can simulate someone being home by adjusting the lights at random.

But the big story here is of course Matter, which allows for these light switches to be set up directly through the Google Home, Apple Home, or Samsung SmartThings apps without the need of a manufacturer app, and also allows for cross-platform support, too. You’ll get basic controls in that case, including on/off and dimming.

Both switches are shipping now at Amazon

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