Waterfall Audio Unveils Niagara XT Loudspeaker Series, Where Timeless Elegance Meets Unrivaled Sound Quality

Waterfall Audio unveiled its era-defining Niagara XT series of floor standing loudspeakers at ISE 2024. Setting a supremely stylish, new standard for loudspeaker design and performance, the Niagara XT series combines a refined sense of haute couture elegance with an extraordinarily clear, authentic and vibrant sound.    

Niagara XT dramatically moves the needle in terms of what is achievable in contemporary loudspeakers,” says Cedric Aubriot, CEO and Founder of Waterfall Audio. “Using all our expertise in loudspeaker aesthetics, materials, and performance, we have created a beautiful new series for luxury home cinema, media room and hi-fi projects that will not only be a striking addition to any interior but will also produce audio of magical precision and quality. Visitors to ISE 2024 were among the privileged few to see and hear this significant breakthrough, one that will delight integrators, interior designers and their clients for many years to come.”

The Niagara XT Series features three brand-new models, which deliver a richly detailed, open and natural-sounding, powerful audio experience. Contained within a unique fully transparent platinum safety glass enclosure (XT2 and XT3: 10mm thick; XT1: 6mm thick), the Niagara XT Series comes alive in natural light, subtly reflecting and refracting sunbeams throughout the day. Custom-built mid/bass Atohm drivers appear as if they are suspended in mid-air and are underpinned by an ultra-low frequency 21cm passive driver in a down-firing position in the solid, CNC cut, brushed tapered aluminum base.

These drivers are equipped with JETSTREAM damping technology, developed in-house by Waterfall Audio, to maximize performance and ensure the mechanical decoupling of the mid-bass driver from the glass structure. JETSTREAM allows for deeper and faster bass with a smoother response in the mid and high range, optimised heat dissipation, and superb control of the rear wave on the cone.

Waterfall Audio has also scaled new heights in attention to detail, craftsmanship, and finesse with the Niagara XT Series. For example, the speaker base is housed in luxurious, hand-stitched Nappa Leather, renowned for its smooth grain, softness and durability. Nappa leather is the interior fabric of choice for premium automotive brands, including Mercedes and Porsche.

The top-of-the-range Niagara XT3 (1200mm x 300mm x 320mm / 500w output) is the ultimate choice for a clean, luxurious aesthetic with its unique glass horn tweeter design. Mechanically decoupled from the main speaker body, this tweeter reproduces medium-high frequencies in a fabulous, pure, and expressive way. It comprises 11 mechanical glass parts which are precision engineered and then hand assembled using the same techniques as those employed in luxury jewellery factories.

The Niagara XT1 and XT2 each feature a signature wood horn tweeter.The XT1 (991mm height x 250mm width x 281mm depth / 400w output) and larger XT2 (1169mm x 300mm x 346mm / 500w output) are available in a Classic versionwith an oiled beech wood tweeter finish. An Exclusive option is proposed with alternative wood finishes, such as walnut, to suit the particular interior tastes of the client. Offering an infinite variety of colours, textures, and grains, the wood is individually selected, paired, and matched for each speaker.

For More Information: www.waterfallaudio.com

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