Wipro Lighting partners with Aura Air

Wipro Lighting recently announced a partnership with Israel-based Aura Air to gain exclusive access to all its enterprise offerings, like indoor air quality solutions, for the India market. To begin with, the enterprise product offered to Indian customers will be high-quality internet of things (IoT) air purifiers, a cloud-based dashboard, and a suite of mobile apps to monitor and improve air quality in line with global standards.

“We are aiming to grow beyond lighting and seating solutions. We are striving to become the one-stop solution for all our B2B clients in the evolving landscape of interior and design today focused on employee health and wellness,” said Anuj Dhir, VP and Business Head for Commercial and Institutional Business, Wipro Lighting.

Founded in 2018, Aura Air is now purifying the air in homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, hotels, restaurants, buses, and nursing homes in several 50 countries around the world. Aura is headquartered in Tel Aviv with global offices in the US and India. “Aura Air technology is extremely successful in filtering viruses of all kinds, and this has been validated by NABL accredited laboratories and various studies across India,” said Aviad Shnaiderman, Global CEO of Aura Air.

Through Wipro Lighting, Aura Air will be making its products available to “enterprise customers across India to monitor and clean the air they breathe,” he added. Aura Air air-purifiers detect, capture, and kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and mould and can remove airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and viruses. These IoT-enabled devices connect to a mobile phone and deliver real-time updates on the overall indoor and outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) based on VOC (volatile organic compounds), CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), and fine particulate matter levels. Aura Air entered the Indian market in mid-2021 and since then, it has witnessed positive traction in the indoor air quality improvement space in the country.

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