A Home That Oozes Out Finesse While Boasting Intelligence!

Hogar Controls

Beauty without a brain often leads to hollowness and ignorance. Though beauty gains instant attention, intelligence or smartness makes people intrigued. Smart devices, aided with advanced technologies, can now be retrofitted in beautiful homes, in quite a hassle-free way. A smart home is just one of the many outcomes of the Internet of Things (IoT). For the uninitiated, the IoT is where effective communication takes place between numerous paired devices over a Zwave, Zigbee or a secure Wi-Fi network. A Smart Home simply uses IoT to personalize a house in countless ways.

When we talk of Smart Homes, a vast majority talks about changing the color of lights. Of course, it does that. But that definition of smart homes is akin to a drunkard using a light pole for support instead of illumination.

A smart home can perform numerous activities. It can sense if a car is approaching the gate and open the gates for you. It could switch on a geyser at the exact temperature you like. Your walkway could sense your movement and automatically light up. From a different perspective, this could also be considered a fantastic security measure. “Imagine a house where lights get automatically turned on when an intruder steps in! This will definitely startle him enough to run away!” A smart home can detect a gas leak or smoke. Also, it can keep track of temperature and humidity. Besides, one can have a gazillion ways to customize the lights in a room – for de-stressing, family get-togethers or parties with friends. The best part is that all of this can be managed and controlled through a smartphone or by using voice commands.

Though the entire concept of smart homes often looks like a complex sci-fi scenario, the reality is that today, any house can be converted to a smart home in a blink of an eye. There are quite a few companies in the market. Some of them are still in the trial and error stage. Therefore, ideally, one should go ahead with brands that are tried and tested.

One of the best in the end-to-end smart home delivery segment is from the US-based biggie – Hogar. It comprises a range of Home controllers called the Cerebro Pro, Mini, Mighty. The touch panels and insert modules are as smooth as butter and also sync beautifully with the walls. They have RGBW, light dimmers and fan dimmers. Hogar’s home security range is of supreme quality with Atrio, Cody and Bella providing door sensors, motion sensors, and even vibration sensors.

Hogar is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options, available in the market. Besides, they have an ultra-secure ecosystem with cloud support. Also, Hogar is the only IoT brand in India to offer a complete smart home ecosystem.

Today, a smart home network needs to be fluid to offer the utmost convenience and support. An ideal network is one,  through which all devices can smoothly converse with each other like friends by completing each other’s sentences. Hogar is the friend your home has been waiting for!

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