‘A Luxury Residence With A Fabulous Landscape.’

Lighting Design & Automation by:

Licht and Light studio

This high-end residence is 8500 square feet with a beautiful & large landscape. Licht and Light studio were the onboard lighting designers for this very prestigious residential project. 

The Scope of Work

Having multiple spaces, a private lounge, study cum home office, gym, massage room, bar area with POOL facing sit-outs, the whole project had to be integrated with lighting & home automation. They had to understand the lighting design intent while documenting (drawings BOQ etc.), analyzing, value engineering, budgeting, specifications, installation, and commissioning.

Licht & Light studio believes in creating a story with the lighting of any space, such that it blends well with the interior details (material, colors, walls, layouts, etc.) and is visualized as a balanced interplay of all the design elements. After several design discussions with the ID team, landscape architect, and client, they employed a distinguishing lighting language to address the entire project. 

The use of minimal and subtle lighting, vertical illumination, adding colors with controllable lighting system, innovative lighting tools, and intelligent home automation, DALI, all of which added to the ease of functionality and the freedom to choose one’s own experience in different spaces.

The Client’s Vision

The client’s brief was to have flexible automation integrated, thereby creating a world without any bounds or limitations in the controls of zone ambiance. In every space, they wanted ease of control and accessibility by devices like smartphones & iPads.

Automations Integrated  

Digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) was integrated automation used in the project, supported by the backing system which made smooth functioning of the control system. 

Licht & Light’s concept was to provide subtle lighting and use the darkness which would enhance the space. They achieved it by using minimal artificial lighting and only having areas lit up that needed to be in focus.

Then while stepping towards concept presentation they added dialux calculation in some of the concerned areas. This software gives more confidence while bringing the design intention to the clients and designers. It also assists in choosing the right luminaire with longevity for delightful results. With no scope for mistakes, the team made frequent site visits to make this project come together efficiently. 

 Challenges Faced  

The challenges of working with multiple brands and contiguous site visits to match the timelines, along with the learnings made this an efficacious journey. With multiple demos at the site and the full strength of the team, they managed to deliver the project within the given timelines.

Eventual Outcomes 

 Litch & Light were able to make the spaces come alive and added exciting flavor into a project. When on the right path, with the right planning, and with the right people any journey is smooth and the destination is more easily achievable. The client’s trust and freedom to design the concept is the key to many successful projects. 

Client’s Feedback 

The results and the aura created through lighting speak for themselves. All collaborations resulted in a big WOW factor. Whether it was the fixture selection, layouts, or the implementations the client was overall impressed. They felt glad that the project exceeded the client’s expectations.

 Final Takeaway

Never rush for anything and don’t procrastinate for a long time. Achieving balance is important, in behavior, action, and design. Any smart automation system-based project, demands a talented and professional team. 

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