‘A Smart, Safe and Sustainable Residence’

Lighting Design & Automation by: 
Harsh B Mehta, Managing Partner, Future Automation Solutions

Interior Design by: 
Mr. Jaimin Patel, Principal Designer, Prism Design Studio

The ‘Shyamal Patel Residence’ is the type of project, that a system integrator gets once in a lifetime. Having a client with the means and a discerning personality to spend wisely and use ideas meticulously makes the whole project execution into a pleasurable experience.

The Scope of Work

The performance objective of the project was crystal clear from day one. All technologies ranging from Smart Lighting with On/Off, Analog Dimming and timed sequences to HVAC Integration, AV Zones, and control, Security, Motorisations, etc were deployed and seamlessly integrated onto the Control4 platform combined with KNX Lighting Controls and Shading solutions. 

The Client’s Vision

The client wanted to adopt smart technologies designed to make life simple, smart, convenient, user-friendly, safe, and sustainable. 
Prism Design Studio was contracted by the client to design their home. The Design team was a vital force to deliver the intended technological solutions. Their alacrity to blend technology with interiors gave this residence a unique edge of seamless, meticulous sophistication. 

Automations Integrated  

Having immense confidence in KNX as a backbone platform for a project of this complexity. KNX offered the flexibility of diverse brands and solutions. When combined with the Control4 user interface, it was suggested that the client opts for a unique user interface suitable to every age group in the house. 

An approximate 7.5 M(INR) was the total cost for the smart home integration. The following sub-systems have been used as a part of the complete solution package: 

  • Audio Distribution
  • Video Distribution 
  • Integration Control 
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Intercom
  • Satellite TV
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Control
  • Shades Design
  • Shade Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Security – Door Intercom, Video Surveillance, Access Gate/Door, Alarms 
  • Irrigation
  • Pool/ Spa
  • Mirror TVs
  • Dolby Atmos Home Theatre with UST Projection
  • Smart Glass Technology for Privacy and Safety
  • Motorised Gate 

 Challenges Faced  

Right from the empty stage of the house, all the cabling requirements were planned in accordance with the drawings & design concepts. Additional elements were added with regard to the nature of the project and the clients’ exposure. This led to a lot of complexities in system design as well as cabling infrastructure.

With proactiveness, an innovative mindset, a never say never approach, and cable provisions in the right places all of the clients’ requirements with met.

One of the main challenges faced was allocating the right space for the server rack which wasn’t ideal and affected the rear dressing. Another challenge was the lift integration, since it was an after-thought, it was tricky to execute, this was ultimately managed with the use of proximity sensors for lift detection, to trigger the drop bolt locks. 

Eventual Outcomes 

The entire experience was a thrilling, adventurous, ambitious, and deeply satisfying project. The challenges faced by the teams were cleared to deliver a seamless user experience, exceeding the client expectations.

Client’s Feedback 

Future Automation Solutions are the client’s preferred vendors for all their endeavors, be it home, office, showroom, restaurant, etc. Having undertaken multiple projects with the family, feel a sense of pride to be their technology partners for a lifetime. 

 Final Takeaway

When a client is willing to accommodate challenges & experiments to achieve the solutions, that’s a perfect environment to bring out the best, the unexpected, and remarkable outcomes!! 

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