‘A Residence Set Apart With High-End Luxury Automation’


Home Automation Design by:
Mahavir Sound Room

The main focus of this magnificent villa was security and functionality integrated with high-end luxury. The client is into the construction industry and wanted a fully-automated home that could be easily operated by all the family members and the staff as well.  

The Scope of Work

The brief was to deliver sustainable full-home AV, lighting control, AC, access controls, and security systems, all to be integrated into the design. The idea was to use a technology that will work well with the aesthetics of the house. The charm of this high-end luxury home automation project is an unobtrusive technology with stellar performance. The client, interior designer, and the lighting consultant, along with other vendors came together to build a complete high-end luxury smart home. All the elements were integrated seamlessly and worked flawlessly. 

The Client’s Vision

The client wanted the whole space well-connected, with a desire to control everything from lighting, A/Cs, drapes, multi-room audio, video, security controls, and video door phones from any part of their home. Instead of spending more time on touch panels, a user-friendly app was installed on iPad’s, and mounted on each floor and individual smartphones.

Automations Integrated  

CasaDigi was used to control the lighting, audio/video, home theater, drapes, HVAC, Cctv cameras, & video door phones. For lighting automation, ABB was used across the house. Audio & video servers were integrated along with streaming options for Spotify etc. in all zones which made the multi-room audio/video solution more accessible. The Wi-Fi was not compromised & Aruba was used throughout the house to provide a reliable network. Users were provided with the option of switching between the rooms and controlling the systems. CasaDigi’s user interface works on the science of user intent. 


After multiple meetings with the client and the architect, a list of requirements was prepared. It was ‘Behind the Scenes’ technological planning. At first, it was necessary to provide a centralized (wired) lighting automation system, which could provide various keypads and other user interface options. 

Tense keypads, which stands out for their sleek design, were used in the project. Programming was done in a way to give the client scheduled lighting scenes that were integrated with particular movements. A solution-centric approach was adopted that was not brand-specific but used best-in-class products that were handpicked. This led to the successful execution of this project. 

Eventual Outcomes 

The challenges faced during the project were nothing that MSR had not encountered in their experience. With careful planning, multiple checks, and supervision during installations at the site, the entire project was smoothly executed. 

Client’s Feedback 

The amazing execution of this project, along with its elegant design fulfilled the client’s aesthetic aspirations. The client was particularly satisfied with the automation installation. It was all planned in such a manner that the most complex of automation tasks were achieved in a simple way. The best of luxury was incorporated in every detail of the residence, which was seamlessly integrated with technology and reflected the client’s lifestyle.

 Final Takeaway

As mentioned before, there are various levels of sophistication in high-end home automation projects. An in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements and flawless execution resulted in an ideal gen-next home. 

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