Birchwood Lighting Announces Launch of New Acoustic Luminaries and Panels

Image of BWA250 by Birchwood Lighting, A Leviton Company
BWA250 acoustic luminaries and panels in the BW family of products.

Birchwood Lighting announced today the launch of BWA250 acoustic luminaries and panels in the BW family of products. The BWA250 combines seamless, pixel-free illumination with exceptional sound dampening to provide superior quality light and sound clarity for large open indoor environments.

Noise level reduction often leads to a more comfortable and efficient work environment.

The BWA250 helps to minimize background noise, which allows occupants to see and hear more clearly, resulting in greater concentration and focus.        

“The introduction of BWA250 represents a move toward a minimalistic yet functional design philosophy for Birchwood,” said Adam Zepeda, Senior Director, Brand Management, Birchwood Lighting. “Its minimal yet flexible internal structure means the acoustic shroud can be customized to various heights, allowing users to customize the luminaries and panels to fit the size and needs of their spaces”, added Zepeda

With an NRC rating of 0.95, BWA250 decreases the noise level in a room by absorbing internal and external sound through the BW Acoustic material. Available in lit or non-lit configurations, 200 – 900 lm/W and an integral driver, the BWA250 is designed with advanced modern performance and industry-leading sound dampening.

“The BWA250 builds off the success of Birchwood’s BW family of highly configurable direct/indirect luminaries that provide modern performance for today’s specifiers. To further enhance the visual comfort for building occupants, we’ve adapted features from the BW family such as, high efficacy lensing, an indirect batwing, and architectural deep dimming”, added Zepeda. 

The BWA250 is available with direct & indirect illumination. Birchwood acoustic luminaries offer a responsible solution for office spaces, schools and common areas by providing sustainable housing made from 60 percent post – consumer recycled content. 

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