`Artificial Intelligence Will Play a Central Role in Smart Home Technology’

Ashish Tijare, Director of Intelligible Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., enthusiastically discusses the comprehensive integrated solution they deliver, curated from top brands such as Savant, ABB, Absolute Power, GEST Butler Service, IC Realtime, Atlas Cables, Near Audio, Adept Audio, Artison Audio and Extreme Networks. Emphasizing their commitment to excellence, he sheds light on the invaluable services they extend across diverse industry segments. 

Could you share the journey of Intelligible Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., highlighting key milestones and achievements that have contributed to its reputation in the industry?

Intelligible Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd (ITS) stands firmly on the foundation of five core values: Collaboration, Trust, Simplicity, Reliability, and Integrity. Our journey as a premium value-added distributor for the residential segment began in August 2020 when we signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Savant for the Indian market.

Over the past three years, we have strategically expanded our portfolio, consistently adding a new distribution brand each quarter. Today, we proudly offer a comprehensive end-to-end integrated solution from renowned brands, covering Home Control, Home Automation, Home Network, Lighting Automation, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Cables, Wiring Accessories, Building Management Systems, and more.

With affiliations and alliance partnerships established with 25+ leading brands in the residential segment, these collaborations stand as a testament to the industry’s trust in ITS. Our growth has been impressive, starting with 50 transacting partners in our first year and now boasting a network of over 250 transacting partners.

Our success extends to notable projects, including achieving an 80% connectivity rate in a luxurious Mumbai building, covering a vast 4,000-acre residential project in a tier-2 city in India, and delivering projects across 12 states with many more in the pipeline. At ITS, we continue to thrive on our commitment to excellence and innovation in the residential technology space.

Could you give us a walkthrough of Intelligible Tech Solutions ecosystem and the type of expertise you provide in various segments?

Our core expertise lies in the professional services that we offer to our dealer ecosystem like Design, Consultation, and Implementation. We have a very efficient team of experienced technical experts, 24×7 Online Support and Documentation. We have a strong technical and channel communication team that ensures that we provide all the required resources within 24 hours. We have invested in very high-end industry-tested, secured and best CRM solutions, digital tools and designing tools to be able to provide the best in class services. Our expertise lies in our understanding of advanced trends, design and technical aspects that are needed in the residential segment and offering an integrated solution securing future investment of the consumers. We have distribution for brands like Savant, ABB, Absolute Power, GEST Butler service, IC Realtime, Atlas Cables, Near Audio, Adept Audio, Artison Audio, Extreme Networks and many more which are all market leaders in their respective domains. Our expertise also lies in the cumulative experience of the core team of ITS which is more than a century across diverse domains.

As a value distributor in the home automation market, what are the challenging projects you are working on in various segments?

ITS has ventured into multiple verticals, spanning Luxury Home Automation systems, Audio-Video and Entertainment solutions tailored for high-end residences, alongside enterprise-grade networking, security, sophisticated surveillance systems, and energy management solutions. Collaborating with our partners has led to diverse projects, integrating one or more of these verticals.

For example, one of our partners is orchestrating the implementation of a sprawling 50,000 sq. ft. home near Mumbai. This project showcases a comprehensive integration of all ITS verticals, including complex integrations like Building Management Solutions. This system not only manages resources and utilities but also offers remote monitoring and advanced weather-based automation, adapting the house according to weather conditions.

In another project within Maharashtra, spanning 250,000 sq. ft. and featuring a private lake, our partner is overseeing automation and entertainment solutions alongside critical security measures. Intrusion detection systems and advanced analytics are integrated due to security concerns posed by the private lake. The system design grants the client access to utilities, resources, and building management solutions directly from their mobile device.

These projects stand as benchmarks for some of India’s most intricate implementations, combining home automation, entertainment, surveillance, enterprise-grade networking, and security solutions in residential settings.

Among Home Automation, Security, and Home Entertainment, which segment is currently experiencing the most significant growth, and what factors contribute to this trend?

Energy efficiency has become imperative, especially with the escalating energy consumption amid concerns like global warming. Even in affluent residences, the focus has shifted towards contributing to a greener environment and embracing cleaner energy solutions. Recognizing this shift, we believe that energy management and efficiency stand as the future of high-end residential systems.

Our approach involves deploying systems that manage diverse energy sources like solar, diesel generators, and raw power equitably. This strategy aims to create an efficient environment by leveraging home automation to reduce loads on climate controls and lighting. This move aligns with our vision for what we term sustainable homes.

Furthermore, wellness has emerged as a significant concern, particularly in the wake of recent global events like the pandemic. People are seeking solutions that offer cleaner air, balanced artificial and natural lighting, addressing issues related to mindfulness, stress, and overall health. We’re excited to share that we’re actively involved in multiple projects addressing these wellness and mindfulness concerns. Our efforts extend to creating environments suitable for individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, and patients with chronic health conditions. Moreover, we assist clients in utilizing home automation systems to enhance focus, promote anti-aging practices, and foster healthier sleep habits.

Could you provide insights into some of the latest Home Automation Solutions you have implemented for your clients, emphasizing their features and applications?

Through numerous collaborative projects with our partners, we’ve delved into advanced integration solutions that redefine convenience and efficiency. One notable achievement is the seamless integration of Zoom Rooms, allowing clients to effortlessly book and initiate Zoom calls with a single touch. In another project, we successfully integrated live music with whole-home audio, ensuring a harmonious experience without compromising amplifiers and speakers.

Our expertise extends to projects where clients can effortlessly set up and control their pools and jacuzzis with just a single touch. Recently, our products were employed to automate an entire corporate office for a prominent developer in Gujarat. Notably, this marked the first instance of Savant being utilized in a corporate environment in India.

You have collaborated with brands like ABB, Savant, IC Realtime, and Absolute Power to name a few, what are the latest offerings from these brands?

We have always tried to associate with brands that have a high focus on research and development and we always look at the roadmap of these companies before we start recommending them. ABB, for instance, has elevated its offerings by integrating Building Management Solutions with Home Automation Systems, addressing challenges in large homes and corporate offices. ABB’s collaboration with the new Matter platform for the free at-home range further underscores their commitment to innovation.

Savant, in its version 10 release, introduced compelling features such as Apple Music and Amazon Music integration. The award-winning Saman Scenes feature has been enhanced for smoother operation with scene organizers. Notably, Savant showcased full integration with Siri Shortcuts in the Cdr 2023 X4, enabling natural voice commands for home automation. The incorporation of NFC tags allows users to trigger actions in their homes with a simple tap on the wall or any NFC-enabled surface.

ICRealtime recently unveiled their video management software, elevating video analytics to a new level. Artison Audio introduces new subwoofers, while our Call Butler system now offers a fully app-based solution, eliminating the need for additional hardware and featuring a comprehensive food menu integration.

Yacht Cloud’s latest media player allows users to access content from popular over-the-top services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney through a single app. One of the most intriguing developments comes from Absolute Power, renowned for its aesthetically pleasing keypads. They have now made their entire keypad range wireless, providing users with the flexibility to carry keypads with them. The new RF gateway from Absolute Power enables remote control of curtain motors without any wiring requirements, adding a new dimension to convenience and control.

Please elaborate on the functionalities and added advantages that Savant Pro Remote X2 offers with its comprehensive package of smart features.

Savant Pro remote X2 is one of the hottest-selling products for Savant not just in India but in the entire globe. It offers a 3.7-inch touch screen which makes user free of their phones as the entire app is more or less accessible here. Not only that it has a wide range of Hard buttons on the remote and the agronomic design of the remote doesn’t make use of feel that they are using any new gadget and there is hardly any learning curve to use the remote. The best part about the Savant Pro remote X2 is creating user profiles on the remote so 5 different users in the house can have 5 different user interfaces depending upon their choice on just swipe. The users can also customize their user interface depending upon what are the preferences of various services and the scenes. What makes it aesthetically more appealing is the fact that it is available in 3 glam colour options Space Grey, Jade Black and Rose Gold. With available options for Siri voice control integration, those who prefer to speak their mind won’t be disappointed.

Intelligible Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. covers various expertise areas, including Home Automation, Home Control, Networking, Lighting Automation, and Home Theatre. Can you provide more details on your offerings in each of these domains?

ITS is a value-added distributor of a plethora of products for residential and commercial Lighting Management Systems, Control Systems, Building Management Solutions, Energy Management and Efficiency Solutions. ITS offers a complete ecosystem to achieve smart and intelligent homes. This includes the backend systems, required hardware, the user interfaces along with complete design and if the partner requires. It can aid in implementation and support. 

Share information about IC Realtime Digital Surveillance and the advantages it brings to users, particularly in the context of security solutions.

IC Realtime is a US-based camera manufacturer with a manufacturing facility in South Korea. The cameras have advanced I-Sniper technologies with AMD and Intel Chipsets. This means high reliability and high image quality up to 4K. This also enables IC Realtime to offer warranties up to 10 years which gives immense peace of mind to the users. IC realtime also offers Advanced analytics from the NVRs and the complete Video Management Software for complex and large requirements. With IC Realtime clients get Simplified Surveillance Management, Scalability and Customization, Flexible Storage options and Flexibility. All the cameras are NDAA compliant thereby offering security assurance, regulatory compliance and peace of mind.  

From your wealth of experience, what do you foresee as the next major development in Home Automation and Smart Home Technology, and how do you anticipate it will impact the industry?

This is the era of mobile applications and digital transformations. However, with passing time consumers will rely lesser on applications and that’s where Artificial Intelligence will play a central role in smart home technology. It’s easy to profile a user today and understand their personal preferences. This means the user will not operate the systems on demand and prefers things happening automatically as per their needs. With changing weather conditions, the homes are expected to respond automatically to these conditions, focus will also increase on security, wellness and cleaner homes. Home automation will solve a lot of consumer issues that they face already or the coming times will throw at them. 

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