Bang & Olufsen App Integrates with TIDAL

Bang & Olufsen and TIDAL are partnering to bring hi-res music experiences to Bang & Olufsen customers. The Bang & Olufsen App now has full integration and easy access to hi-res, lossless, and immersive spatial audio formats from TIDAL with more functionality and experiences coming.

“With the partnership, we are merging the best audio formats from TIDAL with high-end sound systems from Bang & Olufsen”, says Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of partnerships and business development at Bang & Olufsen. “We strive to bring the best music experiences to our customers, and the sound quality of music streaming is imperative to that journey. What we are delivering to our customers today is only the beginning, and we are looking forward to delivering even more in-app music experiences down the line.”

“TIDAL is delighted to partner with Bang & Olufsen who share a legacy in giving fans music experiences with best-in-class sound”, says Dan Murphy, SVP of partnerships and business development at TIDAL. “Listeners can now trust that they are experiencing music in high-quality audio formats when streaming TIDAL with Bang & Olufsen products. We understand the importance of sound quality for both artists and listeners and are excited to now make TIDAL easier to access in the Bang & Olufsen app.”

TIDAL offers most content in lossless quality and more than 100M songs in studio quality with FLAC, now available directly in the Bang & Olufsen App.      

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