Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8 Speaker Earns WiSA HT Interoperability Certification

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8 Speaker Earns WiSA HT Interoperability Certification
Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8 Speaker Earns WiSA HT Interoperability Certification

WiSA Association member Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 8 speaker has received WiSA Home Theater (HT) Interoperability Certification. WiSA HT Certification ensures speakers can receive uncompressed sound over a multichannel wireless network created by a WiSA Certified transmitter and speakers.

Debuted at CEDIA Expo 2023, the Beolab 8 speaker marks the seventh Bang & Olufsen product to be added to the renowned brand’s roster of WiSA Certified solutions.

Products that earn WiSA HT Interoperability Certification undergo diligent testing to ensure they meet the exceptional, high-quality, multichannel audio standards for which WiSA solutions are known. Also, WiSA HT Certified products work together seamlessly, regardless of the brand.

Utilizing WiSA HT technology, the Beolab 8 speaker transmits and receives 24-bit 48/96 kHz audio over the multichannel network. It utilizes various connection options to create a powerful sound. Users can connect via an RJ45 Powerlink, Wireless Powerlink, 2 Ethernet ports, or a line-in via USB-C.

“The Beolab 8 speaker is the epitome of versatility and functionality — exactly what home theater enthusiasts want and need to equip their space with immersive surround sound,” said Michael Henriksson, vice president of product management & design at Bang & Olufsen. “With the addition of WiSA HT Interoperability Certification, the Beolab 8 speaker gives users the option to customize their listening experience with up to 8 channels of wireless HD audio with absolutely zero latency.”

The Beolab 8 speaker boasts multiple advanced sound features, like the Fluid Sweet Spot that uses a phone connection to the speaker to automatically adjust and provide the best direct acoustic sound — no matter where the listener is or where they move in the room. A built-in dedicated microphone maps out the specifications of the environment to deliver crystal-clear quality, high-fidelity audio in any size or setup of a room. With two listening modes, users can easily switch how the Beolab 8 speaker pushes out sound – switch to narrow for an individualized listening experience or wide to evenly spread sound throughout the whole room. It is available in four base and cover colors and different setup options of table-standing, floor-standing or wall-mounted speakers.

“Representing another revolutionary product from our valued member, Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 8 speaker is a stunning addition to the growing ranks of WiSA-enabled interoperable and wireless products,” said Tony Ostrom, WiSA president. “Don’t let the small size fool you – this speaker effortlessly delivers dynamic, high-def sound whether you place multiples or a single speaker in a room. The Beolab 8 speaker showcases the future of immersive sound and the innovation we want to continue to see in the audio industry.”

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