Control4 Presents New OS 3.2.4 With Multi Display Manager.

Presenting an engineered comprehensive solution to integrate a multi-display deployment with a simple, single-page user interface allowing control of multiple displays and audio sources from one interface. This intuitive and interactive solution can be deployed in commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential sites. As one can imagine, the hardware configuration possibilities are nearly limitless.

Support for Multiple Displays and Audio Zones

This release adds native support and easy integration for advanced audio/video scenarios common to commercial, retail, and hospitality sites with multiple displays in a room and separate zones of audio. The user interface for the Multi Display Manager provides a single page with controls for multiple displays. One can select a different source for each display or select the same source for multiple displays.

Audio-breakouts controls in the MultiDisplay Manager allow users to independently select a different audio source.

MultiDisplay Manager Presets

The MultiDisplay Manager agent, in Composer Pro, can assign default audio and video sources for each display. Default audio and video sources start up each time the MultiDisplay Manager is selected. These default sources are not user-accessible and can only be changed in Composer–only set default sources if the initial configuration will never change.

Additionally, using the MultiDisplay user interface, users can make the desired video and audio selections and then save that configuration as a Preset, which can be recalled, edited, or removed as needed.

One can also favorite a preset for a common configuration to the room to provide the user with single-button, multi-display control.

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